Has The Secret To Starlite Been Lost Forever?

So what is Starlite? Its a a thermal shielding material (plastic) that has proved to be better than anything ever produced by the worlds top scientists at institutions like NASA. One small application of this material to something like an egg and you could hold a blow torch to it without cooking it in the slightest. All this and it was made by a guy in a back room who did science for a hobby from materials that he claimed where 80% organic.

When tested using a military laser it was discovered that Starlite could withstand the heat flash from a nuclear explosion. They tested it to over 10000 centigrade , there is no known material that can survive that sort of temperature. Ive been trying to find out what is the most heat resistant material currently in production and i cant find anything that can withstand even 5000 centigrade. Also most of the heat resistant materials currently in production produce toxic fumes when heated, Starlite did not produce harmful fumes.

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