The Brazilian Alien Cyclops

In August 1963 Fernando Eustagio, his brother and a neighbor were getting water from their well in the garden when they saw a globe hovering above the trees near them. They could see that inside there were 3 rows of people and light rays beaming downwards. Apparently a very thin, very tall being glided towards the light beams into the garden and sat down. The entity had one brown eye in his forehead and carried a flashing box on his body. Apparently the entity attempted to abduct one of the boys and paralyzed Fernando Eustagio when he tried to intervene. At the end of the encounter the boys felt that in fact the entity had not wished to harm them, and believed that he would return again to them.


Drawing of the Cabloco D’àgua in Brazilian Folklore:


The Cabloco D’água is described as being a cyclops.. but mostly recent reports and tales describe them as creatures similar to swamp monsters; Fish man hybrids or to the the Loveland frogman.

So could the cyclops be a complete folklore myth, an alien or an actual paranormal event? I would love to see some more evidence but these people who ‘would encounter’ this monster are in a remote region of Brazilian rainforest.