The Chemical Dumbing Down of America: The Crucial Truth About Impediments to Waking Up and Making a Positive Change

deliberate_dumbing_down_of_america_video_david_deesby Max Mogren

It would be quite a shock to discover that someone had been poisoning your body and mind with toxic substances, misleading information, and a behavior modifying environment. Brace yourself, because that’s exactly the shocking information this post regretfully presents to you.

As the following several videos will attest, we have been intentionally made sicker and stupider with poisons including aspartame, fluoride, aluminium, and mercury. We have been lied to by mainstream media, medical/scientific “experts”, crooked politicians, misguided teachers, and each other as dangerous deceptions are passed off as truth. We were all born into an obstacle course which eventually confronts us with the challenges of Establishment medicine, food, water, education, government, media, religion, and culture which begins coercing — and poisoning — us into conformity from the moment we’re born. Even before, in fact, as the toxic forces of corrupted civilization are present in our parents bodies and thus their effects are passed on to us.

This is a very important issue. If you’ve ever wondered why America lags behind the rest of the western world in reading, mathematics, science, and critical thinking, many of your questions will be answered in the following several videos. Thanks for caring and sharing.

It’s probably a good idea to DETOX since we’ve been intentionally exposed to toxins for our entire lives. Peace!

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