Texas Congressman Uses Boston Bombing to Argue for CISPA Passage

700_3882aba4cadd4473e0195097fdf20855Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas, used the Boston bombings to argue Thursday for the passage of CISPA, a controversial bill that would allow private companies to share information about cyber threats with the federal government.

“I think if anything, the recent events in Boston demonstrate, that we have to come together to get this done in name,” McCaul said at a House hearing where several amendments of the bill were debated. “In the case of Boston, they were real bombs. In this case they’re digital bombs. These bombs are on their way. That’s why this legislation is so urgent. For if we don’t and those digital bombs land and attack the United States, and Congress failed to act, then Congress has that on his hands.”

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act is expected to pass the House despite a campaign against the bill from civil rights groups who say the sharing of such information threatens online privacy.

( via usnews.com )