Trump doesn’t believe in UFOs… but is open to the possibility

Alien-spotters may take heart from hearing that while US President Donald Trump doesn’t believe in UFOs, he is open to the prospect because “anything is possible.”

In an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, the host asked Trump for his views on UFOs in light of a recent briefing about Navy pilots saying they’ve witnessing strange inexplicable objects traveling at incredible speeds.

“Personally, I tend to doubt it,” Trump replied, “I’m not a believer, but you know, I guess anything is possible.” 

In a potential blow to true believers, the president went on to dismiss claims that the US government has actually gotten its hands on UFO wreckage.

It’s far from the first time Trump has been pressed to express his views on the existence, or otherwise, of little green men. Just last month when he revealed he had been briefed by the US military on reported UFO sightings, he told questioning reporters that he himself doesn’t believe in aliens.

The barrage of ET-based queries follows the Pentagon recently admitting it “researched and investigated” unidentified aerial phenomena (Defense Department-speak for UFOs) flagged by its pilots, and even hinted at ongoing inquiries into reported sightings.

And it’s not only Trump who’s been fielding questions about alien activity: Russian President Vladimir Putin was probed (metaphorically) on the issue during his latest annual Q&A with citizens when he was asked if he himself happened to be an alien.

“I am not,” Putin replied, in case you were wondering, and insisted he has plenty of evidence to prove he’s not an alien being.