Tepco sends “emergency” mail about Reactor 4 — Water level decreasing at 5 times normal rate in tank near spent fuel pool


Breaking News: M7 hits Japan and water leakage at reactor4, Fukushima Diary, Jan. 1, 2012:


It was scale [note: NOT magnitude] 3 ~ 4 in Tokyo, and also Fukushima but the scale of Fukushima nakadori, where Fukushima plant is, is not announced on the page of Japan Meteorological Agency.

Though the connection with this earthquake is not clear, Tepco announced water is leaking from the cooling system of spent fuel pool in reactor 4.

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Emergency mail from Tepco to Mass media about reactor 4, Fukushima Diary, Jan. 1, 2012:

Notice from Tepco

For massmedia

This mail is sent to people who registered to the service to receive messages late in the night / early in the morning.

17:30 1/1/2012 , Tepco employee found the water level was decreasing faster than usual in the tank to keep the overflowed water from spent fuel pool of reatcor4 [sic].

The water level is decreased naturally because of water evaporation, as it used to take 3 hours to be decreased by 50mm (17mm / h), but from 2PM to 5PM today, it was decreased by 240mm within 3 hours.(80mm / h). […]


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Fukushima I Nuke Plant Reactor 4′s Skimmer Surge Tank Water Level Going Down At 5 Times the Normal Pace, EX-SKF, January 1, 2012:

From ANA (Asahi TV) News (1/1/2012):

Water leaking in the facility adjacent to the Spent Fuel Pool in Reactor 4 in Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant?

It has been confirmed that the water level is getting lower in the tank adjacent to the 4 Spent Fuel Pool in Fukushima I Nuclear Power Plant at a pace 5 times faster than normal. TEPCO is trying to identify the cause as soon as possible. […]

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UPDATE: Jan 6 2012 – 3 quakes right underneath Fukushima nuke plant — JNN live camera down immediately after — No word from Tepco, gov’t | (Source)