FEMA Tells You Prepare, FBI Labels You A Terrorist, SB 1867 Puts You In A Prison Camp

Part 1

Alex Snitker, Adrian Wyllie and Loring Smith on the Liberty Underground show (www1787network.com) detailing how if you follow FEMA’s guidelines for preparing for an emergency, the FBI may classify you as a terrorist. Once you are classified as a terrorist, even if you are a U.S. citizen, the recently-passed Senate Bill 1867 allows the Administration to place you in military detention indefinitely, without charges or trial.

Part 2

More information from Liberty Underground (www.1787network.com) about SB 1867 and how Congress has committed treason by passing a law that nullifies the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution by allowing the President and federal administrations to classify U.S. citizens as terrorists, and use the United States military to arrest them and hold them in a prison camp, as prisoners of war, indefinitely without charges or a trial.

Part 3

Adrian Wyllie, Alex Snitker, Loring Smith and Rachel Bussell discuss the implementation of FEMA camps on the Liberty Underground radio show (www.1787network.com) and provide documented evidence to support their claims.