Trump’s golf bill now tops $100 million with $81 million alone spent golfing in Florida

President Donald Trump has racked up up a hefty golf bill since taking office, costing taxpayers an extra $102 million in travel and security expenses.

The president has golfed at his Florida courses on 24 different occasions, which has cost taxpayers $81 million, according to a Huffington Post analysis released Wednesday.

Another $17 million was spent for his 15 trips to Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey, $1 million for a visit to his resort in Los Angeles and a minimum of $3 million was spent on a two day trip in July 2018 to the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Almost half the money spent on the Scotland golf outing was to cover the rental cars expenses needed for the entourage that accompanies the president on his trips abroad.

Trump is a big golf fan, and even awarded golf legend Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom after his comeback where he won the Masters last month. 

The over $100 million in golf expenses is expected to increase substantially with Trump’s scheduled visit to his club in Doonbeg, Ireland next month, which, the analysis says will garner a seven-figure bill.

Trump is making his stop in Ireland as part of his scheduled June trip to Europe.

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