Top Google Engineer Says Computers Will Be Like Humans by 2029


In lower than 20 years, you will not simply use your computer systems, you should have relationships with them. Because of synthetic intelligence, computer systems will be capable to learn at human ranges by 2029 and also will start to have totally different human traits, mentioned Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google.

“My timeline is computers will be at human levels, such as you can have a human relationship with them, 15 years from now,” he mentioned. Kurzweil’s feedback got here on the Exponential Finance convention in New York on Wednesday.

“When I say about human levels, I’m talking about emotional intelligence. The ability to tell a joke, to be funny, to be romantic, to be loving, to be sexy, that is the cutting edge of human intelligence, that is not a sideshow.”

The Oscar successful film ‘Her,’ which was a few man who fell in love along with his working system, foreshadowed lots of Kurzweil’s predictions about how synthetic intelligence (AI) will evolve.

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