Treasure Hunter Claims: ‘I Know Where Osama Was Dumped In Ocean’

An American deep sea treasure hunter claims he has located the entire body of Osama Bin Laden – and plans to visit the spot due to the fact he ‘doesn’t have adequate proof’ the Al Qaeda leader is genuinely dead.

Bill Warren, 60, claims to have discovered the exact spot in the Northern Arabian Sea wherever the terrorist leader was dumped into the ocean by U.S. forces after becoming killed in a raid one year ago.

Mr Warren, who is now attempting to raise over $200,000 for a mission to dive for Bin Laden’s physique bag, says the Al Qaeda leader is buried about 200 miles west of the Indian city of Surat.

Deep sea diver: Mr Warren, who claims to have discovered over 200 shipwrecks, mentioned Bin Laden’s entire body is buried 200 miles west of Surat, India

He claims that as the Navy apparently weighed down Bin Laden’s entire body when they gave him an ocean burial hours after his death, his corpse has not moved from its position on the ocean floor.

Mr Warren, who says he has found more than 200 shipwrecks during his treasure hunting career, pinpointed the location after studying satellite images given to him by a source at the Pentagon.

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