The Importance of a balanced pH

While the current warnings of avoiding carcinogens and maintaining a balanced diet are accurate, not enough emphasis has been put on the specifics of what that diet should be. Diet and exercise helps all functions in the body but there is one part of our diet that has a direct correlation to the ability for cancer to grow in the system, the body’s pH balance.

Research has shown that the body in an alkaline state doesn’t support bacterial growth, viral growth and most importantly, cancer growth.  Cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment (which most of us are from the foods we eat and the environment that we are exposed to) but cannot survive in an alkaline environment, showing the importance of putting our bodies into an alkaline state.

Our body’s pH level is a gauge of how alkaline or acidic our bodies actually are.  Acidosis is an abnormal increase in the acidity of body fluids, caused by the accumulation of acids. Doctors have attributed over 150 degenerative diseases to acidity including memory loss, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes and hypertension, viral and bacteria growth and most of all cancer. 

*Take this example: Most of us have been in a swimming pool before. Have you ever seen a swimming pool where the pH is out of balance? What happens to it? Right, it turns green and has all types of bacteria and foreign things growing in it! Well, our bodies are mostly water, like the swimming pool, when our pH is out of balance, our body systems no longer function properly (especially our immune system) and foreign cells start to grow.*

Here’s what happens to just our oxygen levels in the body –

Blood cells have more space when the body is in an alkaline condition, allowing your blood to move freely throughout the body carrying more oxygen, giving you a more energized feeling.  In an over-acidic state, it is just the opposite.  Blood cells are clumped together and not able carry oxygen efficiently, preventing the proper cellular metabolic process.  The ideal pH balance for a human being is between 7.1 and 7.5 (it is even preferred to be slightly alkaline).  At this balance all of systems work at optimal strength and efficiency.

Getting to an alkaline state

Knowing that the pH balance is the key to cancer prevention and cancer fighting, the question becomes, “how do we keep our body in an alkaline state?”  There are two ways to accomplish this.  The most obvious road to alkalinity is adjusting the body’s intake and building a diet of more alkaline foods.  The other way it to remove these elements in our bodies that push our bodies to the acidic side of the scale like toxins, heavy metals and other environmental pollutants.

The term “balanced diet” doesn’t just refer to fats, carbohydrates or sugar content in our foods but where those foods fall on the acidic and alkaline charts.  Creating pH balanced diet can be enough for some people with low toxicity levels to reach an alkaline state.  But for most people some sort of detoxification and pH supplement is necessary.