The Mysterious Grave-site of Eric Garner

Now I’m only starting to dig into these new cases that have exploded in the media sparking nationwide protests and such.. I have always believed this cycle started with Trayvon Martin. Now they want to create a race war which will only make the goals of the New World Order easier. If they have everyone at each other throats, no one can come together to fight the real cause of these issues.. The governments, the laws and corporations who control all of us! But we will never get to fight together because of the lack of knowledge, to over-come TPTB. Now here is some recent information I found, along with some older information or lack of about this mysterious 43 year-old guy named Eric Garner who had six children and a wife.

A Visit to Eric Garner’s Gravesite

(Picture taken on Dec 11, 2014)


Eric Garner is buried in Rosedale Cemetery in Linden, New Jersey, located just across the river from Manhattan.

I went to the Rosedale office and received a map. A kind woman with a tattoo on her chest directed me to an area of the cemetery behind a large mausoleum called Elmlawn. Garner’s plot was labeled 8B-1.

I walked to Elmlawn but couldn’t find the plot. The ground was soggy from several days of rain and snow. A small man in a maintenance cart pulled up beside me and asked if I needed help. I said I was looking for 8B-1.

“The Staten Island man?” he asked. “Yes,” I said.

He led me to an unmarked bit of ground. There was no tombstone or flowers, or anything else people use to memorialize the dead. There was only a muddy, 2-foot depression in the shape of a coffin. Since Garner’s burial, the ground had settled some, and the maintenance man said they haven’t been able to fill it in because of the weather. He apologized for the mess and asked how I knew Garner. I said I didn’t know him at all.

“I haven’t seen anyone visit since the funeral,” he told me.

We stood there silently for a minute. I noticed Garner is buried next to a Vietnam veteran who died in 1983. His last name was Szczepanowski.

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No Obituary, Church Information or Difference In Records

The website for the church is and it’s currently undergoing maintenance. But if you use the wayback machine you can view the website snapshots. There is not much information on this church, I looked around and couldn’t find a single thing but the address. Here is the address to the church where the reception took place:

Bethel Baptist Church
265 Bergen St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217

He was not employed by NYC Parks Dept but only as a temporary employee. As stated by online NYC payroll search he was a job training participant at $9 an hour with no income listed unlike other people in the same training position. Is it the same Eric Garner, well I have no idea. Two different people could have the same name so its hard to say without seeing other personal information about the payroll records online. This guy was 40 years old, how could he survive in New York with 6 kids and a wife and only as a temporary worker making nine dollars an hour? That doesn’t prove anything but I find it weird there is no real records of this guy when they say all these things on the news about him.

I searched for pages, upon websites to find the obituary for Eric Garner. Nothing comes up every time. I only get choking articles. If anyone can find it, let me know because I would like to read it. . I also read that Al Sharpton’s National Action Network will cover the funeral expenses.


I think something weird is going on with this situation. I also think it’s weird that his grave looks the way it does, even without a headstone. Even the guy saying not one person came to the grave since the funeral? That means nothing but why wouldn’t one of his family members visit, or it’s all a hoax. More information will come out and Ill have to update this article, check back later.