Thousands of Telegram accounts marked DELETED due to ‘server issue’

Some 70 thousand Telegram users couldn’t sign in on Saturday as their accounts were marked ‘deleted’. The messenger app promises to fix the “server issue.”

Telegram users in Europe and North America started to report login problems beginning at 11:00 GMT on Saturday, according to Downdetector monitoring service.

The messaging app, which touts its exceptional security, reacted quickly by tweeting that “no data is lost” during the outage and promised that “everything will be back to normal soon.” 

Many people who were puzzled by the sudden failure rushed to create another account on the same phone number. The messenger, however, said that no conflict will arise when new accounts are replaced with the originals once the issue is resolved.

On Wednesday, Telegram reported that it added 3 million new users to its estimated 200 million user base within 24 hours, after Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went down at the same time.