Toxic Chemicals in Pillows, Beds & Bedding: How to sleep better

Every mattress which has been manufactured in the last ten years and even older has been chemically doused with very toxic chemicals to protect you in an event of a fire that overtakes your bedroom. The thing is that many of these chemicals are not listed or known to the consumer who purchases the product.

Especially in the U.S. we all know of people getting sick and dying younger and younger; the cancer, diabetes, heart disease and other major ‘killer’ degenerative diseases which are out of control. More in-depth research needs to be done.

99.9% of all pillows and bedding these have HORRIBLE chemicals in/on that that cause so many bad effects in people. And none of the consumers know about it. Don’t sleep on memory foam, sprung or anything Purple.

Sleep ONLY on “100% Natural” latex. (Which comes naturally from trees sap) Two such latex-based products/companies that have good back support and non-toxic materials.

1) Zenhaven

2) Sleep essentials ‘shredded’ latex pillow

Pre-latex I had a Tempurpedic bed and pillows. I NEVER fell asleep quickly. Average 4 hours. I would sweat like a maniac. Wake up constantly. Never had a good night sleep. Assumed it was just me, genetics and such. My nose would run and I would itch. Little did I know it from how the pillow was made.

Now you ask about the famous ‘MyPillow’. If you check the amazon reviews of MyPillow, they’re not all that persuasive. The “My pillow is garbage and was tested. Cost 50 cents to make. Toxic! Creator of it also has 50 law suits for various things.

Mattress MFG try to keep TONS of medical issues related to the chemicals they use hush hush. Reason you never heard about it. MILLIONS of people/kids have strange medical issues related to bedding and they have NO idea whats causing it. We should not be subjected to these chemicals; should have warning labels and other healthier options in stores for people to make the decision.

1:50 talks about attempts to strong-arm him into silence, begins talking about polyurethane/plastic/polymer beds. These are made because they are dirt cheap and do not last long necessitating the customer buying new mattresses frequently. (bigger profit margin)

7:00 talks further about bed materials, the scams out there, huge mark-ups on extremely cheap materials, and why they don’t last long. Vast majority of top brands are this polyurethane foam, some Internet based companies have 100-day trials in which the customer can send the bed back if they’re not impressed but statistically not many do that

12:00 memory foam gimmicks, and why they wear out quickly (hammock effect)

20:46 natural sap-based latex as an alternative. He’s documented how long they last, the differences in synthetic and natural latex, also manufacturing differences in how latex mattresses are made now vs. years ago (shortcuts are taken today for cost cutting). Natural, pure latex has amazing durability and can last decades. One customer wrote in that her latex mattress had lasted 40+ years. Reads several letters from people with similar experiences

30:00 latex mattress manufacturing processes, technical but very interesting stuff, most latex nowadays is a synthetic blend to save money

36:05 TALKS ABOUT CHEMICALS. This is where it gets extremely interesting and revealing… in 2007, the consumer products safety commission began requiring all mattresses sold in the United States to be flame-proof. Under the guise of protecting the consumer from mattress fires, this was to make the chemical industry and large mattress manufacturers wealthy. We are sleeping in chemicals to make them rich. The CPSC has a risk assessment that he shows and talks about. The chemicals used are openly very toxic. Talks about the specific chemicals, they have no clue how this will affect users’ health. Heavy metals more toxic than mercury and lead are also used. Ones that mimic arsenic. One chemical is chronically toxic to the thyroid, has been shown to be harmful in animals. Common endocrine disruptor. Talks about health effects he has seen personally from users. One chemical considered acutely toxic killed pets when Chinese manufacturers included it in pet food. Formaldehyde also being used as it is a known fire-retardant. Many people report nervous system issues. They are being used to meet fire retardant requirements

43:00 graphic, lists chemicals and how they are absorbed into the body

44:04 testimonial from woman whose mattress made her very ill, some others like it- mattress outgassing made their symptoms much worse. CPSC gives the excuse that these chemicals don’t absorb enough to make anyone sick. They claim they’re making the mattresses flame proof to protect people giving them enough time to escape from a fire. However this aspect typically won’t save a person’s life, as a fire will often kill someone through smoke inhalation long before it gets to the mattress itself

48:35 talks about ulterior motives for these chemicals being added. CPSC passes these regulations, he theorizes after doing research, because a lobby group ISPA (international sleep products association), which supports these fire retardant regulations. An article written in June 2007 (new law in effect July 2007), retail chain had their own mattress manufacturing, so instead of meeting the regulation they farmed out the manufacturing… small mattress companies would go out of business because of these new regulations which is what exactly the large manufacturers want

52:00 summarizes CPSC regulations and what this all means for manufacturing and the consumer.

56:20 he was contacted by a woman with a permanent neurological condition due to toxic chemicals in her mattress. He corresponded with her, she told him her story, wherein she documented the various health problems she came down with after using her new mattress. Hair mineral analysis revealed she has antimony in her body, which is in the mattress. She pondered a lawsuit due to this situation. He advised her finding out precisely what level or how much of the chemical she was exposed to, he tested a sample of the mattress she sent him. He sent it to a lab to have it tested. The company in question has a ‘certipure’ certification that their mattresses are pure and not harmful! Antimony .5 PPM as the ceiling for what is considered tolerable by the body… lab tests revealed this woman’s mattress had 1757 PPM in other words thousands of times what is considered ‘safe’ (no wonder she got sick). The mattress AND its surface materials revealed the surface materials also contained hundreds of times the ‘tolerable’ level of antimony. The amount of chemicals manufacturers are using is not regulated! They should not be present at all, but they are- and the levels are very excessive…

1:03:15 news reports done about mattresses with toxic chemicals. There is a loophole in the law that also indicates they KNOW the toxicity is excessive, interesting enough. Yes, he touts his own natural sap-based latex mattresses as an alternative, as he is a salesman. Many interesting comments in the video itself for people who didn’t know how toxic our bedroom really is…