By Elite Commander

On Saturday the 11th of February, the Green Arrow posted an article about a very strange exam question found on a 2010 sociology GCSE paper.  Please read the article if you haven’t already and perhaps study the picture a while.

The picture in question had been discussed in the British Resistance Paltalk room, prior to the article being posted in ‘quiz form’ to see if the comments section could collectively figure out the subliminal messages hidden within.  There were many ideas thrown around, many of which we had come up with during our conversation but some quite new ones as well.

Here are the ‘solutions’ to the quiz we came up with:

The boy is holding an aeroplane – while innocent in itself, this links in with other parts of the picture to create a sinister image.

The girl is playing with blocks arranged into two towers of equal height – ‘twin towers’, you might say – with two blocks separated from the tower, possibly indicating one and/or the other has sustained damage.

The letters on the blocks, read top to bottom and then left to right, spell ARMAGEDDON – if you aren’t already creeped out, you should be.

There is a knife lying on the floor by the girl’s foot, which in America may be called a box cutter – look up what the terrorists used to hijack planes with in the 9/11 story (the difference in naming is irrelevant; it’s the same item)

The boy’s attire (red and white stripy top with blue jeans) resembles the flag of the United States – since he is holding the plane, could this indicate the US is the perpetrator?

The four cut-out paper men lying on the floor may resemble victims who jumped from one of the towers holding hands, or perhaps the four terrorists who hijacked one of the planes in the official story.

The football behind the girl has an illuminated pentagon shape on it – possibly resemblingThe Pentagon itself (some have postulated that the football represents Earth, and by extension the presence of the Pentagon across the Earth).

It has been noted that the picture contains a huge amount of pink, and also that the boy’s wrist appears to be limp – considering the picture is in the context of “gender roles” and “stereotypes” to do with the gender of children, this is suspicious, especially in the wake of such disgusting news stories as the child raised “without gender stereotypes” which showcase the destruction of traditional family units and childhoods in this country.

The children may be white but many have pointed out that their features are hardly typical of Caucasian children – you decide the significance of this one.

There were some other ideas in the comments section, such as the girl’s legs being open to invite the boy for sex (or the blocks obstructing her so he cannot), or the knife pointing at paper people symbolising abortion of white babies.  You decide for yourself what you think the image is trying to say or do; I will postulate my own hypothesis.

All in all, this makes for a thoroughly sinister image to be included in a GCSE exam paper sat by 15 to 16 year olds.  We all know of the indoctrination which occurs throughout our education system, but perhaps there is something especially significant about this question because it is found in the subject of sociology.

Sociology is the (scientific?) study of society.  It is my theory that if you are trying to exercise more and more unlimited power over society, it interests you greatly to have a sound knowledge and understanding of the subject of sociology, or at least to have a certain number of minions who do.  This theory is somewhat vindicated by stories ofCommon Purpose graduates having been through a Pavlovian-conditioning-type exercise wherein they are asked to choose one of four things that will be most important in shaping the future world.

Allegedly the candidates choose one of four options (sociology, politics, and two others I cannot recall) and are then asked to ridicule candidates who chose the other three; eventually sociology is one of, or the only, solution officially acknowledged to be “correct”.  This would fit in with CP graduates being encouraged to “lead beyond authority” i.e. not via politics but more subtle, covert (subversive) methods.

If you believe Common Purpose is trying to exercise control throughout society, as many of us do; and that sociology is an important study involved in that control, as I do; and thatCommon Purpose courses can specifically focus on sociological content, as this story I have heard suggests; then it should come to you as no great surprise that brainwashing efforts were being specifically targeted at young, malleable minds sitting a premier Marxist indoctrination sociology course courtesy of WJEC and other exam boards.  And it would not surprise me to learn of CP graduates working at high levels on such boards, as they are in police, medicine and the media.

In fact, some sociology syllabuses at A-level contain a section on the family unit, and also specifically Marxist views towards it.  Just read the rest of the exam paper and perhaps the course specifications – you will get the idea.  (As a side note, read the content of exams for most subjects – you will be appalled either by the difficulty or lack thereof, or the propaganda, even in chemistry often involving climate change).

The question remains as to what exactly this particular image achieves by containing a sinister subliminal message.  I don’t have a good understanding of human psychology, and as far as I know it could be to do with NLP or anything.  However, one explanation is that it tries to subconsciously unbalance the minds of the students taking the paper so that sociology students in the future will be primed for, possibly, CP brainwashing.

Incidentally if anyone can track down the origin of the picture (which I believe, as is proven by a reverse image search, is not the exam paper – I could be wrong), that would be most appreciated.  The paper claims it is taken from “toy advertising”.  This is clearly not the case.