Turkish police clamp down on anti-government protests


Five people have been killed and thousands injured as Turkey is gripped by its biggest wave of anti-government protests in years. Ankara has been criticized for its crackdown on the protests, which it has attempted to downplay in the media.

18:55 GMT: A handful of reports on Twitter suggest the police have been unleashing clouds of teargas.

“There were people on the street for 30 seconds before eating at the tables!”

It is claimed that the photograph was taken on Istiklal Street, just off Taksim Square.

18:45 GMT: No political messages or banners have been wielded during the protest – only Taksim Platform banners and the national flag. The crowd had also been condemning the park’s closure, chanting “open park, belonging to the public,” according to Hurriyet.

18:20 GMT: The water cannon fired a few short bursts at a cluster of remaining protesters.The surrounding crowd started booing them. Some shouting and minor scuffles between individual police and protesters shortly followed.

Some groups of people have been shouting “where is the shampoo?” in response to the water cannon attacks.

18:00 GMT: Remaining people in the area are continuing to chant, undeterred by the unleashing of water cannons less than half an hour ago.

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