Trump says Democrats seek new shutdown as distraction from scandals, as border talks stall

As US border security talks apparently reach another stalemate with a new government shutdown looming on the horizon, President Donald Trump has blamed Democrats for the development by saying they need a distraction.

The president once again accused the House Democrats of refusing to provide enough money for his cherished wall on the Mexico border – an issue that has been a stumbling block on the border security negotiations from the very beginning. He went on to say that the Democratic leadership just does not want the deal to be reached in yet another series of fiery tweets.

“It was a very bad week for the Democrats,” Trump wrote, adding that he believes “they want a Shutdown” to have a “new subject” to divert people’s attention from a series of scandals that have recently plagued the party – particularly in the state of Virginia, where the entire Democrat leadership is arguably crumbling under allegations of racism and sexual assault.

Democrats and Republicans are to come up with a border security agreement that would satisfy the president before the February 15 deadline when the stopgap funding of the government expires.

The talks appear to have reached a stalemate this weekend. Acting White House chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, told Fox News that “a government shutdown is technically still on the table,” adding that the president would never sign any deal “in good faith,” if it involves no funding for the wall or too small an amount.

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