The Script for World Domination

planet-earthI can only show you the door. You have to walk towards it, reach for the doorknob, open it and then walk through it. I am going to be as concise as possible and convey accurately what is going on instead of trying to adjust the message to conform to what people are most likely to respond positively too. I hope you will do the research required to understand the plan that has been put in motion to take away what is left of human freedom.

Are you ready for this and hanging on the edge of your seat? Let´s dive in.
World domination has been the wet dream of many egomaniacal douchebag since the dawn of man. Today there is a small group of people who control the worlds global banking system with the exception of a few “unruly” countries. These people have no empathy towards the general population of the planet. Repeat that in your head. No empathy. NONE.

They are satanists. A common misunderstanding is that because I claim someone is a satanist is that I am some bible-nut. This is far from the case. I am not against their satanism because of christianity, I think the bible is nuts. I am against satanism because it does not even pretend to be based on noble doctrines. It glorifies the ego, indulgence and selfishness to no limits. They believe that the purpose of our existence is acquiring physical fixes and material needs. They even glorify death and destruction as it feeds animalistic desires in the human psyche.

This is their religion. Capíce? Lying is completely fine as long as it serves their purpose. So if a Satanist tells you this is not the case, he is lying because he does not want you to know that it is the case.

I will not try to post a multitude of links to support my case, as I want this to be concise and you have a keyboard and google and the mental capacities to research this by yourself.

I will only post a handful of videos to get you started. This one is short and should do fine for this purpose.
Like other religions this one comes with rituals and symbolism. They perform ritual sacrifices and have been using these rituals to manipulate us. They use Magick from the Cabbala as they believe it helps them maintain control of the planet.

Not all people in positions of power are satanists, but a powerful faction is. This faction manages to put it´s agents and allies in key positions of banking, media, large corporations, education and the entertainment industry.

They already control almost all of the planets resources and human labor, but that is not enough. They want complete control over everything. Right now their status as the ruling elite is still being challenged every day. They don´t want that.

They don´t want people like me writing articles like this. They don´t want millions of people working to expose them because it makes their life more difficult. They want to get rid of us.

At present they can´t because there are too many of us and not enough people would willingly and knowingly partake in a fascist coup against us. We still have means to protect ourselves and they still have to operate under the illusion of being benevolent.

So they have a plan, a well organized plan that is now close to reaching it´s final stages of implementation. If you don´t believe they are satanists, then at least read about “real politics” a policy of looking at the world like a game of risk, where it is not feasible to consider humans as sentient beings that you need to worry about as individuals.

Evil is a word most people don´t like to use, including me. However, if I were to define it, I´d say it is a complete lack of empathy, bordering on the conscious appreciation of the suffering of others, without any moral incentive. Meaning that many people might want to see someone who killed their child suffer, but simply wanting to inflict harm on people who have done you no harm is evil. This evil exists and it persists in our society.

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