The Amazing “Two Suns” Photos by Melissa Deaton of Georgetown, Kentucky

By Benito Maray 

Melissa Deaton’s first photograph of “two suns” in Kentucky first appeared (photo no.30) on this April 2011.  The picture came with the blurb: “On Sunday, April 3, 2011, I was taking pictures of the sunrise from my home in Kentucky, and kept getting a weird reflection that looked like two suns. I saw it with and without the camera, so I moved to different positions to reduce the glare or whatever was causing this effect. I am sure it was an optical illusion of some kind, but interesting nonetheless. I also couldn’t help but notice that it looked more like a sunset than a sunrise. The sky just doesn’t seem natural anymore.”

Melissa’s submission caused quite a stir, with accusations of “photoshopping” flying fast and furious.  Too bad for the naysayers as no less than the Zetas vouched for its veracity.…

Hereunder are two more pictures by Melissa of the same phenomenon taken at intervals on the same day (April 3, 2011).