Texas school with 100% vaccination rate forced to shut down due to whooping cough outbreak

(Natural News) Students attending St. Theresa Catholic School in Houston, Texas, were given an extended Christmas break thanks to an unexpected whooping cough outbreak that reportedly shut the school down early. And wouldn’t you know it, but St. Theresa has a 100 percent vaccination rate – meaning this whooping cough outbreak occurred among fully vaccinated students.

An official statement released by Father Phil Lloyd, the school’s pastor, and Melissa Ilski, the school’s principal, explains that “[a]ll St. Theresa students are 100% vaccinated,” and that “[d]octors are unsure why vaccinated children may still get the disease.”

“With this infection rapidly spreading throughout our staff and children, we have made the decision to close the school and daycare early for Christmas Break,” the announcement goes on to state.

While neither the Houston City Health Department nor the Catholic Schools Office required this early closure, Lloyd and Ilski decided to “err on the side of health and safety” by keeping all students at home to prevent more child hospitalizations.

“In the event of a hurricane, we would undoubtedly close the school to ensure the safety of all,” they further added in their communique, comparing the rapid spread of whooping cough on campus to a major natural disaster.

The obvious interesting part about this latest development is that all St. Theresa students had previously been vaccinated for whooping cough, presumably with the standard DTaP combination vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis – pertussis being another name for whooping cough.

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