Is there any Truth to the Doom and Gloom Warnings and Predictions?

Everywhere messages of doom, gloom, death and destruction dominate TV, radio, magazines and the Internet, warning us of wars, destruction, corruption, conspiracies and cover-ups which can no longer be ignored.

So is there any truth to these depressing prophecies, forecasts and occurrences, or are the hyped headlines nothing but scare tactics and fear mongering to recruit readers and subscribers? Is this stuff for real, or are they obsessed ramblings of paranoid conspiracy theorists like Rush Limbaugh, David Ike, Michael Moore, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson and myself, Tom Retterbush?

When you consider that any good conspiracy theorist knows that he is being watched and blacklisted by Homeland Security, the FBI and just about every acronym the US government has for “signs of discontent” (see my articles U.S. Homeland Security Monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other Sites for Signs of Discontent,  How Our Government is Tracking and Databasing Your Every Move, Is the FBI Monitoring Your Social Networks?) and that we are possibly risking serious consequences by sharing some of our information with you and the general public, we must be either crazy, passionate or serious about wanting to warn you about what is happening right now and what we believe is headed our way very soon.

I myself have written countless articles trying to warn my readers and the public in general from disasters and tragedies I feel are headed towards us, like Is Collapse Of America Inevitable?, Fears of a Total Stock Market Crash triggers Fears of Worldwide Economic Armageddon, Are You Prepared for a Possible Stock Market Crash, Depression, Anarchy, even Civil War? and The Economy is still in Trouble; Many Experts still Predict Global Economic Meltdown, as well as several other articles published here on CW, on Before Its News and on some other sites.

I get little if anything out of my sharing this information with you, other than being ridiculed by my family, friends and society as a whole, while being blacklisted and possibly persecuted by those I blame for our troubles, but the advertising revenues from my site which barely covers the coffee I drink while writing the articles.

Although prophets, priests, seers and shaman have been warning humanity of the end of the world since the dawn of civilization, we are still here. More recently, scientists, political analysts and economists have taken over trying to warn mankind of coming social, political, economical, biological and environmental destruction, but mankind is still here.

The 1950s shiny happy futurism of The Jetson gave way to much darker predictions for humanity in the 1970s. With the Cold War at its height, an energy crises, fears of terrorism and unemployment similar to today, Americans of the 1970s became very pessimistic about the future. Out of this dread, movies like Future Shock and books like The Late Great Planet Earth served up apocalyptic visions of the American future. But again, man is still here.

To the casual observer, it would seem that man is continuing to wreak havoc on the planet he lives on without much consequence, but we all know that this is not true.

This time around, man cans sense the trouble brewing. These days man no longer needs a prophet, priest, seer, shaman, scientist, analysts or economists to know what’s coming. Everybody knows that both mankind and the planet man lives on are coming to an end.

We may perish through a nuclear war, a natural disaster, a super-virus, disease, famine, starvation, overpopulation or a combination of all of the above, but the outcome is always the same no matter what destroys us. We may not admit it out loud. We may not even admit it to ourselves. But anyone who is in tune with the environment, life and the ways of the world cannot deny the sense of approaching doom.

There is no stopping it. We may be able to slow it down. We may be able to prolong our existence a few more years, but the end is inevitable.

The only possible way for mankind to survive as a species is if we are able to start over on another planet or a man-made colony in outer space.

Although there are those who believe that this technology already exists, if so, it would belong to the super-rich, who undoubtedly wouldn’t want to share an obviously limited resource with all of mankind. Particularly when taking into account that rich elitists have already been observed planning depopulation on this planet.

Considering that any possible current technology to escape earth and settle the cosmos belongs to these rich elitists, I think we must stall the destruction of our planet until we are sure even average folks can hope to be included when mankind heads for truly new worlds.

That is, unless we decide that humanity is too evil, destructive and predatory that we should not be allowed to infest the universe beyond. But who would decide?

Truly this decision could only be intrusted to a god. Man has revoked his right to decide anything of this magnitude.  Man by his actions throughout history has shown capacity for evil that sets us appart from other violent, predatory animals, making us monsters in the eyes of any species observing us. If there are aliens watching, it is obvious why they haven’t made contact. If intelligent beings, they have trurned about face and left the planet earth in their rear view mirror.

So, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out. I guees I will continue to try and keep you alerted to any approaching dangers that could be headed our way, keep you updated to any conspiracies, deceptions and cover-ups that you should know about, keep trying to motivate you to prepare for the eventuality of anarchy, and hopefully influence you to fight for your freedom, stand up for you rights and advocate justice for all.

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