Tornadoes Targeting Metropolitan America 2012

Janurary 23rd Tornadoes targeted Birmingham, Alabama whose metropolitan population exceeds 1.1 million people. Tornadoes hit Western and Northeastern portions of the metropolitan area causing widespread damage.Interesting to note that the strongest Tornado of the outbreak (Jan 22nd-Jan 23rd) was the EF3 Tornado that targetd Birmingham. Tornadoes aren’t unheard of in Janurary, but they are rare, especially at an EF3 strength.

2 days after the capital of Texas, Austin was targeted.  Austin’s Metropolitan populationn stands at over 1.7 million people.  an EF1 tornado struck downtown Austin causing significant damage to businesses and homes amounting to $1.5 million.

The Early March Outbreak targeted 5 seperate Metropolitan areas.  Evansville, Indiana, Louisville, Kentucky, Nashville, Tenneessee, Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina.  Combined, the metropolitan population is around 11 million people.   Luckily, Evansville, Louisville and Nashville were not hit.  Several tornadoes blanketed nearby areas but spared those areas.  The Atlanta suburb of Marietta, Georgia was hit however by an EF1 tornado causing only minor damage however.  An EF2 Tornado struck the CharlotteMetropolitan area cause damage to more than 200 homes and injuring 4 people.  As bad as this outbreak was, and it was bad, it could have been worse.

On March 23rd the Louisville Metropoolitan area was again under the gun, an EF1 hit southeastern Louisville damaging several homes (

That brings us to the latest outbreak of tornadoes that occured yesterday in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metropolitan area that has over 6 million people.   Several large twisters surrounded the area forseveral hours.  As this is a developing story, figures are somewhat hard to come by.  What I can tell you is that hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged or destroyed.  There were 13 repoted tornadoes and the City of Arlington declared a state of disaster.  Suburbs of Dallas and Ft. Worth were also heavily hit.  Below is AMAZING footage of one twister going through a truck stop in Dallas.

So people of Before Its News I ask you this:  Are tornadoes targeting our cities?  Are they using HAARP to spawn massive twisters in metropolitan areas to cause mass casualties?   There is actually some evidence to link HAARP activity with the most severe outbreak in early March. (see below)

For those who are unaware of what HAARP is or what it can do.  Here is a brief introduction for you:

HAARP–High-frequency Active Aural Research Program. HAARP–the kind angels will never strum. HAARP–the futuristic nightmare project which is currently in operation, researching a wide variety of effects and phenomena, as well as possible uses and applications for such, resulting from beaming massively powerful radio signals into targeted regions of the ionosphere; a project which has given environmental activists, constitutionalists, airline pilots along with ionospheric physicists and other groups, such as normal, ordinary people definite cause for some serious concern.

Contrary to information made public by the operators of HAARP, it is no longer a relatively small, preliminary venture limited to one (nevertheless extremely powerful) transmitter site in the remote Alaskan back country.

Contrary to much of the official noise being generated regarding the supposed “benign” uses for this multi agenda operation, the internal intelligence/military documentation and a growing amount of supporting material shows that HAARP is in fact at this point fulfilling some highly secret and highly advanced functions; in fact, some very negative and completely objectionable functions.

The acknowledged, publicized applications for potential applications of HAARP technology are primarily:

  • Enhancement of or interference with communications, as well as development of new types of radio transmissions
  • Investigation” of effects on weather patterns
  • Earth-penetrating tomography — an X-ray like function which can reveal, for example, the existence of underground installations as well as oil or mineral deposits

Some of the other principal yet unpublicized goals are:

  • Weapons-related (physical/psychological disablement) and mind control uses
  • Large scale tampering/modification of global weather patterns via ionospheric disturbances
  • “Pushing the envelope” in terms of pumping electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere, just to see what happens

It bears emphasizing here that any such references to HAARP being used for EM mind control come directly from numerous internal documents and repeated references therein to HAARP’s capabilities as electromagnetic mind modification / manipulation technology and intentions to so implement HAARP.


What kind of motive could they have for doing such an evil act?  Perhaps just to see if they can?  Perhaps they are just that willing to play god.  Interestingly enough, I did another article earlier today about Lucifarian scientists (  Perhaps there is a connection to this?   As with many conspiracies, I am trying to connect some dots and ask some questions.  The answers will hopefully come in time.  Feel free to discuss this below in the comments section.