SPIN: Everything On TV Is Staged!

I recently came cross the old documentary called Spin; (1995) it’s about pirated satellite feeds revealing the U.S. media personalities’. TV out-takes appropriated from network satellite feeds unravel the tightly spun fabric of television, a system which silences public debates and furthers the intolerance of anyone outside the pack of journalists, politicians, spin doctors and televangelists who manufacture the news! In basic terms; It’s about the conspiracy to fabricate the news. Mainstream media spreads false information and creates enemies & stars… Even drawing more attention away from the real problems of our country.. Below is a short transcript of the movie.. The goal of this post is for you to understand that what ever you seen on the television; is noting but a fake story which has been created for you to believe it!

First: Watch Spin

1992 was a year of kings.. The L.A.P.D Beating of Rodney King! The assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King… Then there was Larry King; the king of talkshow Democracy.. They thought this was the future of political votes; just by picking up a special controller and voting: Yes or No! The guests on these media shows are always of significance value? And when you have a show that takes calls such as Larry King or Alex Jones.. They always have a way to ‘spin’ the question which will divert attention away from the person answering the question.. Most of the presidents speeches are written by a ‘spin doctor’ and speech writers. “She states: We always embellish our own stories, so why can’t the government?” Anyone with a satellite dish can pick up two types of TV: One straight from the broadcast networks (cable) and the live TV feed which is coming off the satellite in space. In theory you would get unfiltered media which no one else could see and that’s true but since the last couple years; our media and our government has gotten better at covering the tracks…

Two interesting quotes from a live-tv feed during a commercial-break:

King: Kind of weird – being seen around the world – technology..”

Bush: It’s amazing. Do you think Saddam Hussein is watching this very minute?”

The interesting part is anyone can see these feeds.. It’s basically the raw footage that is being shot by the camera, then transmitted to the news station to be edited and ‘packaged’ for TV.. The creator of Spin has recorded a lot of different feeds and some are very interesting.. Watch the video below to see for yourself! Many people started to catch on and say “They didn’t want to be on National TV” But isn’t that what they came there for? To shoot a segment for National Television? I guess he just wanted to ‘act’ in front of the camera.. Some knew about this unscrambled transmission and others had no idea..

When President Bush threw up on the Japanese Prime Minister; it was not even mentioned or broadcasted by the networks but if you had satellite TV you knew exactly what happened. It would have shattered his career! But Newsweek did an article on the censored article but the photos didn’t even show the presidents face, surprise.. Then the White House video crew tried to cover up all the evidence of the event! During a broadcast there was a photo in the background that looked like the president’s puke episode, so during the broadcast they remove the picture and say: It looks simliar to the photo in Japan.. Hmmm! The news is so fake..

When you tune into the White House ‘video studio’ you can see a bunch of people moving things around, making sure everything looks normal.. Now this is how the president sends ‘personalized’ messages to different states across the United States. First he calls different news networks to broadcast his message, so they keep doing the disconnect and reconnect until everyone has heard the same presidential message on their TV. This method is called a ‘satellite tours‘ and they do the same thing with the first lady and all of the presidents! Some presidents liked it more than others.. Such as Bill Clinton and President Obama!

There was another method which was being used by the White House.. It was a simple news segment that was created to help the person in office.. It was nothing but propaganda, they even gave a segment for the news-anchor to read… However the media never reported that the White House was the one creating these stories; it was written like the journalist was there reporting on the subject!

The easiest and fastest way of ‘creating’ news was through the talk-shows but the most popular one of all was Larry King Live..He made the front page over 57 times during one election year. In some of the live-feed shows you can hear someone thanking Larry King in the background about getting him famous by one of this USA Today Articles.. Making news meant huge profits and Larry’s show increased over 40% in one year! The news sources made all their money during the political coverage.. Larry King also talks about Israel in one of this live-feeds and then goes on and saying this to Bill Clinton: “Ted Turner changed the world.. Hes a big fan of yours. He would-ah-serve you – you know what I mean.. Oh you’d be surprised. he’s ready what’s he got left in life to gain. I’d call him after your elected, Think about it. No Dope, Great guy to work for too.”

Now the impression I’m getting from this movie that everything is already planned out! Notice how Larry King talks about after you get elected like he knows that he will become the President? Now why would he call him; which is the owner of CNN, Time Warner, WTBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, and MGM.. The Corporations really run the government.. In this post you can see all the TV stations are owned by six major companies.. The government is not for the citizens! How can you believe anything when most of the information is completely fabricated to make you interested or alter you thoughts because you saw it on TV and most likely take it as complete facts..

Now this is where it gets very interesting and where it might relate to all the elections including Obama’s secret win.. I mean the guy did come out of nowhere. Well I’m mostly talking about the 2012 election with Ron Paul.. The media has already banned him in some polls and on the TV talkshows but I feel like they are blocking him out of the ‘attention’ for a good reason.. They don’t want him to be president so in this video they show the same type of problem I explained above. You have to watch the documentary Spin below because a lot of this information would make complete sense.

The media also has a lot of problems with photoshopping images which are released. Much like the Obama Birth Certificate, Osama Photos, and pretty much other ‘hot topics’.. I just find it interesting every so often something huge happen.. Keeping you in fear? Is history repeating it’s self? I found that documentary pretty interesting.. I wish I had satellite to try this out for myself! The above transcript is to show you that everything is planned out and the people you seen on the TV are all actors which are working for the government! To manipulate your thoughts and actions to their secret plan.. Everything is a conspiracy when it comes to mainstream media!! Don’t believe what you see on TV! If you have any other information please send me an email at tips@usahitman.com