US commandos capture Japanese island to show Beijing they’re ‘not kidding around’

US particular forces, aided by F-35 stealth fighters and rocket artillery items, have practiced capturing a small Japanese island as a part of a brand new operational idea to counter China within the Indo-Pacific theater.

Members of the US Marines, Army and Air Force invaded and secured Japan’s Ie Jima Island as they polished-up their Expeditionary Advance Base Operations (EABO) abilities, which haven’t been put into apply because the finish of America’s struggle towards the Japanese in World War II.

US airmen performed reconnaissance of the island off the coast of Okinawa earlier than floor troops and Marines had been deployed in “a 600-mile long-range raid” to seize an airfield, in accordance to a Marine Corps assertion.

After capturing the airstrip, the US forces proceeded to arrange the required infrastructure for Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighters and C-130J Super Hercules plane to land. Finally, rocket artillery items had been introduced in simply because the stealth fighters practiced their precision-guided strikes in an train that prolonged from March 11–14.

The new US island-capturing, power-projection technique is “critical” to counter China’s rising affect within the Indo-Pacific, General Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, instructed the Senate Armed Services Committee this month.

“We are ready to rapidly seize ground and project lethal combat power,” Col. Robert Brodie, 31st MEU commanding officer said“You just want to make the Chinese think twice about asserting their claims…that’s a clear signal to the Chinese that they’re not kidding around.”

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