US helped Israel with H-bomb – 1980s report declassified


Conceding to a federal lawsuit, the US authorities agreed to launch a 1987 Defense Department report detailing US help to Israel in its improvement of a hydrogen bomb, which skirted worldwide requirements.

The 386-page report, “Critical Technology Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations,” likens prime Israeli nuclear amenities to the Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National Laboratories that had been key within the improvement of US nuclear weaponry.

Israelis are “growing the sort of codes which is able to allow them to make hydrogen bombs. That is, codes which element fission and fusion processes on a microscopic and macroscopic degree,” stated the report, the discharge of which comes earlier than Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s March three speech in entrance of the US Congress during which he’ll oppose any deal that permits Iran’s authorized nuclear program to persist.

“I am struck by the degree of cooperation on specialized war making devices between Israel and the US,” Roger Mattson, a previously of the Atomic Energy Commission’s technical workers, stated of the report, in keeping with Courthouse News.

The report’s launch earlier this week was initiated by a Freedom of Information Act request made three years in the past by Grant Smith, director of the Washington suppose tank Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy. Smith filed a lawsuit in September in an effort to compel the Pentagon to considerably tackle the request.

“It’s our fundamental place that in 1987 the Department of Defense found that Israel had a nuclear weapons program, detailed it after which has lined it up for 25 years in violation of the Symington and Glenn amendments, costing taxpayers $86 billion,” Smith stated throughout a listening to in late 2014 earlier than Judge Tanya Chutkan in US District Court for the District of Columbia.

Smith described in his federal courtroom grievance how these federal legal guidelines had been violated by the US within the midst of Israel’s budding nuclear program.

“The Symington Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 prohibits most U.S. overseas assist to any nation discovered trafficking in nuclear enrichment gear or expertise outdoors worldwide safeguards,” Smith wrote.

“The Glenn Amendment of 1977 requires an finish to U.S. overseas assist to international locations that import nuclear reprocessing expertise.”

In November, Judge Chutkan requested authorities legal professionals immune to the report’s launch why it had taken years for the federal government to organize the report for public consumption.

“I’d like to know what is taking so long for a 386-page document. The document was located some time ago,” Chutkan stated, in keeping with Courthouse News Service.

“I’ve reviewed my share of documents in my career. It should not take that long to review that document and decide what needs to be redacted.”


The authorities’s representatives within the case — Special Assistant US Attorney Laura Jennings and Defense Department counsel Mark Herrington — initially stated confidentiality agreements required a “line by line” assessment of the Defense Department’s report. They later shifted, arguing that its launch is non-obligatory and never obligatory, as “diplomatic relations dictate that DoD seeks Israel’s review.”

Smith and the US agreed that the federal government would redact sections of the report on NATO international locations, although the passages on Israel stay intact.

“The functionality of SOREQ [Soreq Nuclear Research Center] to help SDIO [Strategic Defense Initiative Organization, or “Star Wars”] and nuclear applied sciences is nearly an actual parallel of the aptitude presently present at our National Laboratories,” stated the report, written by the Institute for Defense Analysis for the Department of Defense.

“SOREQ and Dimona/Beer Sheva facilities are the equivalent of our Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge National Laboratories…[and have] the technology base required for nuclear weapons design and fabrication.”

The report’s authors Edwin Townsley and Clarence Robinson discovered that Israel to had Category 1 functionality relating to its anti-tactical ballistic missile and “Star Wars” weapons applications.

“As far as nuclear technology is concerned the Israelis are roughly where the U.S. [w]as in the fission weapon field in about 1955 to 1960,” the report said. “It should be noted that the Israelis are developing the kind of codes which will enable them to make hydrogen bombs.”

In a press release on the report’s launch, Smith stated Thursday, “Informal and Freedom of Information Act release of such information is rare. Under two known gag orders — punishable by imprisonment — U.S. security-cleared government agency employees and contractors may not disclose that Israel has a nuclear weapons program.”

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