The Underground Base & Submarines Which Epstein Island is hiding

We need to cover submarines, systematic child abuse bases (S.C.A.B’s) that are thought to be located deep underground beneath Epstein Island. I saw this post on another site which brought up some very interesting information:

What better way for a billionaires pedophile ring to use a submerged vessel for the use of trafficking children. No one would have any idea who was coming or going from the mysterious pedo island.

The TerraMar Project, which Maxwell is the founder could have easily had access to submarines or even an submarine car. We see Terramar endorsing MIGALOO submarines on the TerraMar site. The luxury vessel below is a concept but I can prove that Maxwell does have a pilot license for submarines.

Wikipedia tells us Ghislaine Noelle Maxwell is a British socialite and the youngest child of publisher Robert Maxwell. She has been associated with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child molester. Maxwell moved to the United States after her father’s death and has become an advocate for the ocean as founder of The TerraMar Project.

Here is the submarine car that is featured on TerraMar Project’s images.

Below is a screenshot from articles about Maxwell and her love for the ocean in which she states herself she has licenses to pilot submarines.

Here is another source that further verifies the hunch that Maxwell may have used submarines to move children as well as establishing an ocean based charity that offers passports to people to gain citizenship to the sea in a move that may even mean she is very familiar with maritime laws..

Here you can hear her tell you herself about how laws of the sea are different and even suggest we own 45% of the world. This is getting into where she distributes passports to citizens of TerraMar, terror mar more like it.

This suspicions around Maxwell’s underwater activity now has even more foundation as does the question when we see she also says she has UAV that detach from boats. This could be how they are trafficking children in and out of Epstein Island and entering the island from beneath.

Since I have hit on the submarine issue, other people have also began to look into this and I was contacted by somebody who made this depiction showing how submarines can be used to avoid detection to enter Little St. James Island.

The TerraMar Project are also in the business of issuing dual citizen ocean passports to people as they portray their love for the ocean which is rather fitting considering the founder is extremely connected to child trafficking via air, sea and land. We now have to ask if Maxwell has used The TerraMar Project as cover to be at sea and if any vessels linked to TerraMar have been used to traffic children.

TerraMar have now ceased all operations since the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein but there are also unconfirmed reports that Maxwell was found unresponsive shortly after the billionaire pedophiles arrest. Would TerraMar ceasing operations be linked to a possible death or arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell who is heavily linked to an international child-trafficking ring of Elites.

The TerraMar Twitter page made the announcement on Friday, July 12, 2019, and was swiftly followed by the closure of their website that also carries an announcement, note the site was operational just a matter of hours before the news broke.

On Sunday – July 14, 2019, an archived version of the website came online. The URL says DC in it I am not sure if this is the websites own archive or if the site has been taken over? The old original .ORG site is still showing the closure announcement.

We can see how Richard Branson is an associate of Maxwell and The Terramar Project with the Virgin Islands being just a stone’s throw away from Epstein Island. Branson’s own private island has been brought up in allegations including another sick pedo called known as NXVIM whose leader was recently found guilty on all charges for related matters.

Here is a screenshot of just one of the reports that Ghislaine Maxwell has been found in a medically bad way. We also have to be aware of the hypothesis that if she is reported dead that it may be a fake death and she is being taken out of the limelight.

Members of the public have vented their disgust in allegations around Maxwell and they questioned the TerraMar Project’s morality on Twitter after allegations of child rape committed by the founder of the UK/US charity.

Other ocean dwelling foundations that are in partnership with the TerraMar Project have also started to feel the heat as seen below.

In 2012, Maxwell incorporated Ellmax Enterprise Limited, with herself as secretary and the only director listed. In its filings with Companies House, she is described as a resident of the U.K with a correspondence address in Salisbury, not far from Stonehenge. The address for the company is in London. It is a non-trading company, listed as dormant, and its net assets are £1.

Source for above info

Wow that is a lot of interesting information for you to dig deeper and see whats waiting for us… Lot of the info has been getting scrubbed since the news first broke. There is no such thing as 100% confirmed information about Epstein island. But these people are very wealthy and powerful; anything is possible with these people….

Bonus Photo: Flashback of CCTV…