The Changing Tide of Unidentified Crafts Being Reported

Orbs, saucer shaped UFO’s, diamond shaped bright lights, disc’s , cigar shaped, mother ships and groups of lights have been reported by people all over the world flying or hovering in their skies. See photo’s on Chris Holly”s Paranormal Worlds Site –

It is obvious that there is a large assortment of unknowns traveling through space that we simply do not understand. This is nothing new. People from the beginning of our human history have been leaving reports of odd things being seen in our sky. You can find reference to these things in ancient artwork as well as the stories passed down concerning lights, crafts and beings coming from our skies originating from all parts of this world.

I noticed a few years ago a new type of sighting being reported from around the world of large building size crafts. I wrote about it describing what was told to me by those who encountered these strange sightings.

Recently after I was a guest on the Global Focus Radio show I received a call from a listener who heard me discussing the UFO subject and wanted to tell me about the odd sighting he and his family had while on vacation near the New York/Canadian border.

The man told me he was not sure what he and his family saw as it was not like anything he ever heard about before. He told me they saw what looked like a large ten story building floating on its side across the open sky. He told me it was dusk but the object was clearly visible . He described it as a basic rectangle that was a gun metal gray that had a solid glow about the entire surface that made it easy to see outlined against the darkening sky.

The man and his family watched the object slowly fly at about the altitude of normal air traffic across the sky silently for about two minutes before it made a sharp turn increased its speed and disappeared as it quickly climbed into the sky .

He wanted to know if I knew what it was that they saw. I could only tell him he was not alone and others have also reported seeing similar objects all over the world.

The other day I came across a very interesting report on the MUFON site. I cannot verify the source of this report but found it extremely interesting as it is of another rectangle flying type building. I have no idea what this addition to the list of unexplained objects is. I only know they are being reported by people from all over the planet.

One day when we really want to know what is going on over our heads all over our planet we may start to take this subject matter seriously and start to do real research and stop using it as a source of entertainment .

Can you imagine if we were more interested in finding out the way of space and those who share it with us rather than spending all our time entertaining ourselves with fantasy or faking videos and photo’s how advanced this planet could be?

It boggles the mind to think about where we would be if we gave up our childish attitudes about things unknown. However I do not waste my time wondering about this for long. I know we want to stay deaf dumb and blind to the way of the universe . As long as we can stay in La La land of sci- fi nonsense and fill our time with fantasy and foolishness we are happy. That is why we all live in the dark ages of truth when it comes to the subjects of the unknown.

All I can do is report what I am being told by people I feel are honest and truthful and let the society do as they wish with it all.

Keep looking up- who knows what will fly by!

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