The Full Story of the USAHM Censorship

As many of our website visitors and close friends have asked us, why did our website get censored? The real answer has never been released to us, even after numerous emails to our hosting company.. This hasn’t been the first time this happened to us! So is it our website content or a combination of things? Well according to the email that I received from my hosting company; it seems to be the nature of our content on the website.. It’s only a collection of alternative & conspiracy topics. Before-it’s-news has offered us hosting with their servers and they promised they won’t give into these government take-down requests.. We are glad they helped out and I want to thank everyone for the support of our website.. Anyway here is the email that I received from my hosting company:

USAHM Take-Down

This website censorship seems to been a regular occurrence! It recently happened to Activist-Post as well, Before-it’s-news has also helped them out with hosting! So it seems that the government want’s these websites that provided ‘alternative-news’ to be shut down because it’s causing interference with their propaganda agenda.. We all know the Mainstream Media is controlled by Government and is only made up of six big companies! You would think that a socialist government like China would be the one to censor a lot of topics on the internet but you’re wrong! Google provides you with a take-down request fact sheet on their website and you can see that the U.S government has the highest numbers! I have a feeling within the next year or so it’s going to get worse.. So I suggest everyone to share posts on social media sites and stand up to government censorship!