US to send more drones, Humvees to Ukraine

Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed US was to send Ukraine more non-lethal navy assist, together with drones and armored Humvees.

“We are today providing immediately some 75 million dollars of additional non-lethal assistance, immediately, to Ukraine in order to help them in non-lethal assistance,” Kerry informed the Senate on Wednesday afternoon throughout a listening to regarding a proposed conflict powers act provided by the White House. “And, as you know, other things are currently under consideration.”

The assist has been mentioned on the cellphone by Vice President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko throughout a cellphone name, in accordance to US officers, AP reported.

The assist package deal consists of the small Raven drone system, which might be launched by hand, radios, counter mortar radars, 30 closely armored Humvees and 200 common ones.

Washington and different NATO allies have spent in extra of $100 million in safety assist to Ukraine, though till now this has been primarily of a non-lethal nature.

“We have over the last 14 months provided $118 million in security assistance” to the Ukrainian authorities, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland informed the House Committee on Foreign Affairs earlier this month.

The US additionally introduced earlier in March that they have been planning to send about 300 navy advisors to prepare the Ukrainian military from March by October.

The UK additionally introduced that it’ll send 75 British navy personnel in March who will provide medical, intelligence and infantry coaching to the Ukrainian military. Poland has additionally mentioned it’s sending navy advisors to Ukraine.

Sergey Ryabkov, a deputy Russian overseas minister, mentioned in February that supplying weapons to Ukraine would “escalate the whole situation” and “would be a major blow to the Minsk agreements.”

Russia believes the perfect likelihood for peace in Ukraine lies within the Minsk ceasefire settlement, which largely seems to be holding.

“It’s extremely important that the authorities in Kiev have agreed to carry out a deep constitutional reform, to satisfy a desire for self-rule in certain regions – whether that reform is called decentralization, autonomization or federalization. This is the deeper meaning of the Minsk accords,” mentioned President Putin.