US tests cruise missile BANNED by expired INF treaty

The US navy has examined a ground-launched cruise missile with a spread of over 500km, the Pentagon confirmed. Such weapons had been banned beneath the INF arms management treaty, which the US exited this month.

The flight check of a “conventionally configured ground-launched cruise missile” was performed on August 18 at a spread on San Nicolas Island, California, the US Department of Defense mentioned Monday. After a profitable launch, the missile struck its goal greater than 500km (310 miles) away.

Weapons with a spread of between 500km and 5,000km had been banned beneath the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty, a key arms management mechanism that helped de-escalate Cold War nuclear tensions when it was signed in 1987.

In February this 12 months, the US introduced it was quitting the treaty, accusing Russia of getting a non-compliant missile system. Moscow denied the accusations and invited inspections of the system, however nobody took it up on the provide. The treaty expired on August 1.

The Trump administration had beforehand signaled it was decided to exit the INF again in October 2018, when National Security Advisor John Bolton described it as a “relic of the Cold War” throughout his go to to Moscow.

“There’s a new strategic reality out there,” Bolton advised reporters on the time, describing the INF as a “bilateral treaty in a multipolar ballistic missile world,” that utilized solely to the US and Russia in Europe and didn’t do something to constrain the actions of China, Iran or North Korea.

The INF was the second main Cold War arms management treaty the US led the means in dismantling, following the demise of the anti-ballistic missile (ABM) treaty in 2001. The sole remaining arms management treaty, New START, is because of expire in February 2021.