If A Virus Shuts Down All Of The Banks, You Have 72 Hours Till Martial Law

Susanne Posel has burst onto the scene of late with startling claims. She says informants from Deutsche Bank and the US military told her that if a computer virus does shut down all banks everywhere, then you have 72 hours until soldiers start breaking down doors. She says if you are on a list of people in the resistance, you ought not to be home waiting for the soldiers to disarm you to shoot you or to take you away to the concentration camps.

In terms of a time frame Max Keiser said the economy must collapse by the end of April 2013 when US income taxes are due. The government has been lying about the economy, the unemployment rate and inflation. But tax collections do not lie. The 2013 income tax returns will tell the world to dump the dollar starting with US treasury bonds which will be downgraded by ratings agencies.  This will spike interest rates and push America into the Hyperinflation I have been predicting.

If they  shut down the banks, they will also shut down the Internet so we cannot communicate with each other. I would emphasize that you need to script what you will do as if you were on a football team. Everyone in your local network needs to go to a rendezvous point to start the resistance if it is needed.

Given the behavior of the United States government AND of the People who think they own the government, a Computer Virus Bank Holiday is entirely plausible.

I have been noticing the accelerating number of computer glitches around the world shutting down insolvent banks. Some banks in Italy shut down for 30 days.  I just read a story where J P Morgan admitted that they have at least 150 billion dollars in worthless assets. They also have 92 billion dollars in potential losses from futures and CDS. There are also an accelerating number of outright thefts of personal accounts as in MF Global. If there is a Universal Virus Bank Holiday, then they can balance their losses by just stealing your savings.

The problem with martial law scenarios is that the government needs to shut down the Internet so we cannot respond. That is why I think it is more likely that they will attempt to do several things at once. They could say, we will shut down the Internet because those dirty hackers have sent a virus into your bank. They announce that they are sending troops into the streets to help the poor get through the first 72 hours at their local FEMA center.

The Department of Homeland Security has announced purchases totaling 1.4 billion rounds of 40 caliber hollow point bullets. DHS also bought mobile armored pillboxes for highway checkpoints. They have bought lots of incinerators for those FEMA camps with each one capable of cremating tens of thousands of Americans every week. The Army has manuals on gun confiscation from American civilians. The Army also has manuals on running re-education camps for Americans. The bankers are serious about martial law.

Where I disagree with Susanne is that I do not see introducing foreign troops onto American soil as an advantage. The only rational reason for sending troops out to confront the American people is to ignite a Civil War to destroy America. I also see the influx of Third World Poor as a deliberate ploy for nationwide food riots and a race war. I have said before they want this martial law to quickly degenerate into a Civil War so we get killed. This is similar to the plan the bankers have for America to lose World War III which I told my friends about when I was in college in Boston.

I am less worried about an immediate war with Syria and Iran. We do not have what it takes to wage a war against Syria and Iran unless they do a nuclear first strike.  They will not have the resources to do what they want on both the homefront and in the Persian Gulf and Syria. They will need to bypass the Mideast until they set up a Global Dictatorship and then starve them out later. I think war with Syria and Iran will have to be delayed. The men who own our governments are bankers. They are worried about their money. That is why a Computer Virus Bank Holiday combined with shutting down the Internet is higher on their list of priorities than a war. And a Bank Holiday is more doable.

I see this Virus Induced Bank Holiday as a means of stealing our money to save the banks and setting up martial law worldwide preparatory to introducing a Global Government but Americans will have to be sacrificed between now and then.

The bankers see America, Iran and Syria as their mortal enemies. They will definitely want them to destroy each other. But they will never want to take on at one time the combined forces of the Americans and the Muslims joined together with every Third Worlder who despises the IMF and the Rothschilds and every European who rejects Austerity for us and Billions for Banker bonuses for them.

You might want to start out small by telling people that these computer glitches at the banks and all these missing and looted accounts are preparing the way for a Bank Holiday. I would point out that cash will soon be far more valuable than electronic credits in a banker owned computer. Buy things you will need over a 30 day period. Prices will never be lower. Families might want a food dehydrator.

Let me repeat that you might seriously consider setting up a rendezvous point for your personal survival network in case of a Bank Holiday. You will need food and water for at least two to four weeks. This is just a precaution and not an alert. I am not saying that the government will definitely  shut down the banks soon after election day or even before. Most Americans live in areas where a two weeks supply of food and water is needed anyway just in case of natural disasters.

Let me emphasize that we ought not to make any radical changes in our lives. Just keep a minimum balance in the bank.The bottom line is that the economy must collapse in less than 12 months. It might before the end of April of 2013 as Max Keiser said. The collapse will be at a time the bankers choose. The bankers are planning to save themselves. You need to get serious about saving yourself.

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