Weather Weapons and Earthquake Bombs: World Leaders Condemn Britain and America’s Secret Arsenal

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By T.J. Coles. Axis of Logic Exclusive
Axis of Logic
Friday, Jan 6, 2012


“Over earth and ocean with gentle motion
This pilot is guiding me.”

P.B. Shelley, The Cloud

After the Haiti earthquake in 2010, which the US used as yet another excuse to militarise the tortured country’s aid relief, Hugo Chavez bravely quoted a Russian Northern Fleet document suggesting that America’s huge array of electromagnetic and acoustic weapons (which have been stranding poor dolphins and whales for decades) were used to trigger the earthquake.1 The Western media had a good chuckle at Chavez, keeping silent about the fact that official sources reveal the existence of such weapons, some of which have been around since the 1930s.

World Leaders Speak Out

In 2011, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told Western powers to stop causing droughts in his country. “European countries are using special equipment to force clouds to dump [their water],” he said.2 The “special equipment” refers to the Airborne Laser, which was designed for weather modification;as well as NASA’s “beaming satellite-based microwaves at hurricanes as a means of redirecting them” (Wilson Quarterly)ground-based ionisers; chemtrails; and classic old silver iodide (see below).

We witnessed that when one flood flow passed us by, the meteorological authorities would predict a second storm system developing over the area and warned the nation of subsequent floods of the same or increased intensity. This happened over and over. Then the rumours started spreading. It was alleged that our classic and reliable friend – the United States of America – is manipulating the weather over Pakistan … [H]ad it been a natural monsoon phenomenon, rains would be widespread not over the same area again and again.6In 2010, Pakistan and Iran were warned by the US not to go ahead with a pipeline which would have transported affordable Iranian fossil fuels to much needed areas of Pakistan, and possibly into India. As a relatively powerful country, India was given a sweetener, namely the US enabled it to continue working on its nuclear programme. As a weak state, Pakistan was simply threatened. Less than a month after the commencement of the pipeline deal, Pakistan was hit with its worst-ever flood. Its newspaper,The Nation, stated that:In 2010, following unprecedented heat-waves in Russia, which pushed food prices sky-high and subsequently triggered the Arab Spring, it was reported in Radio Free Europe online that a leading Russian Scientist, Andrei Areshev, published an article in Russia’s major journalForeign Policy naming America’s X-37B space shuttle, launched in 2010, as the culprit. Media reports at the time said it was as if the heat-wave’s path of destruction was being guided. The X-37B has a payload capability which the US refuses to disclose, meaning that it is probably a laser.5 UK Ministry of Defence papers, cited below, suggest that the US has plans to use space platforms for weather control.

In 1997, US Air Force studies revealed that China’s military was convinced of US weather modification operations in Chinese territory.7 This was hardly a radical assumption given what the leaked Pentagon Papers revealed about America’s weather weapon operations in Vietnam (Operation Popeye).8 In 2008, Vanity Fair reported that Xinjiang Province—where most of China’s oil happens to be, and where US-sponsored counter-government activities are strong—is the source of tension between the provinces because it is seeding clouds and “stealing” its neighbours’ rainwater.9

In late 2010, the Middle East experienced unprecedented snowstorms. The Daily Mail reported that “Fifty rainstorms were created” that year in the United Arab Emirates “using technology designed to control the weather.” The newspaper explained that Western scientists “used ionisers to produce negatively charged particles [which] are then carried up from the emitters by convection.”10 Earlier in the year, the British Ministry of Defence announced in their thirty-year trends study that “Weather modification will continue to be explored” for military purposes: and not for the first time.11

The Dark History of Weather Weapons

In 1952, the Royal Air Force flooded an entire village in Devon (England) with ninety million tonnes of water, killing 35 people, by using cloud seeding technology.12 Today, microwave lasers are used in place of dry ice and silver iodide. As far back as 1945, Britain and America created a tsunami bomb, according to the declassified records, which was successfully tested in New Zealand’s waters, and designed for use in the post-WWII era.13 Japan’s hydrokinetic press, designed in 1933, laid the basis for the bomb’s design.14 Like flood and drought creation, the technology has moved on since then and has now been replaced with microwave pulses.

A Ministry of Defence study predicts refugee crises and the rise of shantytowns out to 2036. “This is particularly true in areas susceptible to volcanic and seismic activity and in low-lying coastal regions where extreme weather events and inundation are likely to occur with increasing frequency” (emphasis in original).17 Given that weather and seismic activity are notoriously difficult to predict, the question is how do they know? Perhaps it is because BAE Systems built the HAARP machine?18 The same Ministry of Defence document also stated that America may put up space platforms “to harness climatological features in the support of military or strategic advantage.”In 1997, US Defense Secretary William Cohen admitted that the Pentagon’s environmental warfare specialists were “intensifying our efforts” to “alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”15 The media failed to report this rather important story, and have consistently refused to discuss the giant ionospheric heater in Alaska, High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programme (HAARP), which has been condemned by the European Parliament for its “manipulation of global weather patterns”, making it “a serious threat to the environment.”16

But this technique is messy, PR-unfriendly, and has led to massive resistance. A cheaper alternative is to drive the people out with extreme weather which, as a US Air Force document subtitled “Owning the Weather” recommended, could be blamed on nature.21 The people can then be forced into what the UN calls “habitat areas.”22 The electromagnetic waves mentioned by Cohen and pulsed in order to achieve this, are created by HAARP and similar ionospheric heaters.Today, the British-financed and armed Indian Army is being used to clear populations to make way for multinational corporations and extractive industries (as Arundhati Roy and others have documented).19 The same is true in Colombia and Bolivia, where US mercenary firms such as Blackwater and DynCorp are employed to spray chemicals on the populations under a counter-narcotics pretext.20

The HAARP monstrosity is a 40-acre phased array antenna, designed and built with US taxpayer money.23 It should worry us that the ionisers used in the UAE created storms, hailstones, and lightning with limited amounts of power. HAARP is a 180-anntenna array which pulses 4.5 billion wattsinto the polar regions giving it the ability to disrupt the Jet Stream, thereby enabling the machine to cause droughts and floods. This is all in violation of the UN’s ENMOD Convention (1977),24 which sought to prevent this kind of behaviour. HAARP also to amplifies the electromagnetic energy of the Earth in order to do as Cohen suggested.

Covert Warfare

HAARP Alaska is just one such heater. In 2002, the Russian State Duma revealed another two: one in Norway and one in Greenland (where the ice sheets just happen to be melting faster than anywhere else).25 The Ministry of Defence’s paper on weather modification mentioned its use in “disrupting lines of communications”, which is what HAARP can do according to the Russian State Duma. Communications can be broken in conjunction with chemtrails, which are vapour-like aerosols being sprayed daily across the world by unmarked and military jets (possibly drones, too).26

A SPACECAST 2020 paper advocated “modifying the ionosphere through insertion of gaseous compounds … [which] can also be enhanced by shooting a high energy laser, microwave, or particle beam … [thereby] having a jamming effect on the enemy’s radiowave propagation.”27 This gives the Pentagon Full Spectrum Dominance over communications.28According to Russia Today (RT, broadcast 24 November 2011), America’s “research facility in Alaska”—which must have been a reference to HAARP—had been interfering with Russia’s Mars probe, suggesting that HAARP is one of the many ground-based apparatus involved in the weaponisation of space.

Evermore psychopathic science is being explored in order to make sure the victim-nations never recover, namely DARPA’s insect-machine hybrid programme, which was candidly admitted by the British Ministry of Defence. It is a shocking indictment of the media and intellectual culture that such documents can enter the public sphere and elicit no commentary:The purpose of weaponising the weather is simple, and was explained in Navy documents dating back to the nineteen fifties,29 namely to ruin crops and infrastructure to cause economic damage. The Navy recommended ionising the atmosphere,30 which they, and others, now have the technology to do, and are doing via private companies in the UAE and in Alaska with HAARP (as noted above). The elite can destroy the middle classes of the world by engineering fiscal collapses (as they did in 2007-8), and in countries not so tied to the US economy (such as Australia), or in emerging economies that boast significant natural resources not yet under Anglo-American control (such as BRIC), “natural” devastation can be used in place of conventional warfare. This also enables plausible deniability.

Environmental warfare will be capable of exploiting the delivery and spread of plant and human pathogens through the release of remote controlled insect-machine hybrids or insects, in order to cause physical, and subsequently, financial damage. Such methods may be used as incapacitants or as lethal pathogens to attack humans. [The add-on that “terrorists” will have the ability to use insect-machines is too ridiculous to discuss.]31

From the psychopathic elite’s perspective, another good thing about causing/triggering environmental destruction is that populations can be traumatised by relentless media coverage of disasters to the point where irksome human tendencies, such as compassion, are driven out of people’s minds. As a result, there will be fewer resistance to war and fewer relief pledges. The Ministry of Defence explained that out to 2036, “Humanitarian fatigue may grow in proportion to the number of crises that emerge and the ability of governments and individuals to pay”—again, unless they are planning to generate these crises, how do they know? (Emphasis in original).32

Weather weapons and earthquake bombs are a fraction of America’s commitment to achieving Full Spectrum Dominance by 2020. We need to be responsible and realise that taxes have paid for decades of secret research into these fields which, in our time, are coming to fruition. We need to show the courage of Chavez and Ahmadenijad and speak out against this—particularly those journalists and academics who have access to public platforms and are keeping quiet.

We also need to take seriously the likelihood that Mother Earth herself—specifically the ionosphere and troposphere (with daily chemtrail spraying)—has been turned into a weapon. Generally, those responsible are cowardly men hiding away in Command and Control centres, using modern science in order to fulfil their outdated genetic impulses for power and domination: impulses which should have been left in the Stone Age—and if we keep letting them damage the ionosphere, that is an era to which most of us may be returning.33


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