The world’s gold reserves may be much higher than they want you to believe

Some months ago we featured a theory by Bix Weir about a comic book titled The Road to Roota. Bix posits that a faction working within the cabal of banking elite are actually working to undo their monetary hegemony and usher in a new era of gold currency. But the comix book is not Bix’s only revelation. His site is loaded with interesting information, and if it’s true, excellent news for all you Silver Rebels out there.

He asserts that the world’s gold reserves are actually much much higher than mainstream sources would have you believe. And since a rise in supply means a drop in price, that would mean bright futures for the value of silver.

Bix asserts that there has been a century long effort to manipulate the gold market by distorting the perceived supply. By depressing the the supply they have effectively inflated the price, which will deflate once this information comes to light.

Currently the total amount of mined gold in the world is estimated around 160,000 tons. Below ground gold reserves, meaning reported but unmined deposits is estimated around 100,000 tons and given current technology could be depleted within 40 years. Those are the official numbers. But Bix disputes this, saying “publicly announced” gold does not account for massive amounts of hidden gold reserves.

For example:

Conspiracy theorists have long speculated about a secret stash of Nazi gold that was confiscated from Hitler’s reserves. Hitler plundered an estimated 2,000 – 50,000 tons of gold from many European countries, but it was never accounted for. Many theories exist, but Bix believes it’s been used to fund secret operations by the military industrial complex and banking cabal. Imagine if the high estimate is accurate and 20 years of gold mining entered the gold market all at once? Talk about disruption.

A larger stash rumored to exist is Yamashita’s Gold, which Japan plundered over the course of decades from other Asian countries. Supposedly this secret stash was hidden in the caves of the Philippines, where it was discovered and confiscated by the US. The estimate on this stash is 100,000 – 300,000 tons. If the high estimate is accurate that’s nearly twice the entire official estimate of all gold, whether mined or under ground, of the entire planet.

But it gets bigger. Benjamin Fulford, a Canadian journalist living in Japan, claimed to have uncovered information about the rumored Chinese Imperial Gold, which he claimed was over 800,000 tons. It’s hard to believe, but if you consider that Eastern cultures have mined gold for centuries longer than Europe it’s certainly possible.

Moving West, a secret stash of Vatican Gold may be even larger. The Catholic Church has been squirreling away treasure deep within it’s catacombs since it’s inception, and throughout most of it’s history there wasn’t exactly any third party verification. From Holy Wars to Sunday collection plates, Bix estimates that the closely guarded Vatican gold hoard is the largest in the world… with no specific estimate.

A little adding and a little rounding and Bix’s theory suggests that the secret above ground gold stashes constitute 10 times the official estimate. We can take some solace in knowing that large quantities of secret gold can’t hit the market with raising a lot of eyebrows. But money is power, and anyone with a secret stash anywhere near as large as these certainly has the power to manipulate the global economy in a major way.

And that’s not even touching the secret underground reserves.