How To Watch Hulu, Netflix From Anywhere in The World

If you’re like me then you’ve probably been bothered before by the fact that the contents of Hulu and Netflix (and others) cannot be accessed outside of the United States. So far the only solution was to pay for a VPN service that pretends you’re sitting in North America, but these services are often costly and require running third-party software in the background.

Admittedly, I was more than just a bit skeptical when I stumbled over mediahint, a new browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that promises to circumvent the geo-blockades and let anyone in the world enjoy these services for free.

So I decided to give it a try and installed the extension (no sign up required). After a few seconds I was browsing Hulu and clicked on a TV series, only to expect the “not available in your country” message, but against all expectations it worked and the stream started playing.