Is World War 3 Inevitable?

Is it possible these days World War II? The collapse of the Soviet system, the establishment of a global economic dominance of the West not only alienated the global (“world”) war, but also made it more real. This view is increasingly expressed political scientists, economists, specialists in forecasting system. And it is entirely supported by reliable data about the state of the armies and weapons development funding.

Most of all spending on weapons the U.S. and its NATO allies, as well as China. For example, only one in the U.S. in 2011 spent on the army and military research and development in more than 700 (!) Billions of dollars, and real defense spending, as experts believe, more in the 1.5-1.7 times (compared to military spending Russia in 2011 were lower than the U.S. in more than 10 times).

U.S. defense spending ($ billion)

FG10 F011 FG12 FG13 * FG14 * FG15 * FG16 *
Current Dollars 663.7 733.9 701.6 643.0 632.5 639.0 646.4
Constant dollars FG12 681.1 743.4 701.6 634.6 611.8 605.7 600.5

(* – Planned)

Why do so many U.S. weapons and a powerful army, if defeated, the Soviet bloc for a long time, and the most probable enemy – China’s economy is closely integrated into the global world and, therefore, any attempt to put pressure on the Western bloc for him would be almost fatal?

If the detected contradiction between the observed trends (which suggests that Western countries are preparing for war) and our interpretation of what is happening, either the original data are not true (which is unlikely), or our judgments about what is actually happening in the world, require significant adjustments.

Rumors about the end of the Cold War greatly exaggerated, the Cold War could become the basis for World War II. To prove this thesis, we turn to history. Significant role in changing the tactics of cold war, apparently played no good will of the Western bloc, and the aggressive actions of the Soviet side. Realizing that the economic potential of the Soviet bloc and the Warsaw Pact does not allow under accepted rules and customs of warfare to defeat the U.S. and its NATO allies, the military leadership of the Soviet Union has taken several steps, which were qualitatively change the confrontation of East and West.

In 1984, the U.S. has announced a program of “Star Wars”, which included the deployment of nuclear weapons and missiles, weapons and aircraft on a space orbit. But the USSR had already taken a number of measures that made the program “Star Wars” is completely meaningless. It is a secretive placing nuclear warheads directly to the U.S., in large industrial centers, with a view to further activate the remote. Reliable data on this subject, of course, are not available, but according to the testimony of veterans of intelligence, such charges with a capacity of 10-20 kilotons in 1985 had already been laid in Washington, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other major cities as in the U.S., and near the East Coast of the North American continent – under water. Once this was done to further improve the defense and in general any offensive weapons has lost meaning.

The most important result of this unexpected outcome of the next phase of the Cold War was that the elite of the Soviet bloc was a guarantee of immunity. Therefore, the tactics of the Cold War has changed. The West in the circumstances there were only economic leverage over the enemy. Chief among these was economic warfare, then there is an economic war against the Eastern bloc. As the economy of the USSR critically dependent on the influx of petrodollars, has been implemented scenario of damage to the Soviet bloc by limiting foreign exchange earnings, that is to manipulate the oil market to reduce its cost.

The Soviet economy was dependent on energy exports, so that “monetary noose” played a decisive role in bringing the end of the Soviet bloc. You can not forget that the Soviet regime once had needs in the country, what to do on their own in an economy oriented to the defense industry, it was very difficult. In 1988, when all the criteria for assessing the real economy of the USSR was balancing on the brink of collapse, in the informal leadership of the country has matured a plan which was implemented in the early ’90s. It was decided to retain public support only a commodity economy, that is what the sector, which provided foreign exchange earnings and property rights guaranteed direct elites. The rest, as they say, had to rely only on the good will of God. Uncompetitive and, in general, hopeless of the real sector of the economy overnight was unnecessary new masters of the country.

Implementing such a plan has markedly reduced resource use (cost of the decline of the real sector of the economy) and at the time alleviate the contradictions that were the cause of the Cold War. Western Europe had access to cheap Russian energy, raw elite for more than twenty years, have peace of mind and assurance of property rights. It would seem that he disappeared for a reason of the cold war – economic contradictions. West only had to balance relationships with raw elites of the East, to demotivate them from the use of force.

But in the early 2010s the situation with the resource deficit again began to worsen. It turned out that the economic growth of China and India has led to a much greater demand for raw materials than previously expected. In addition, since 2006, virtually halted the growth of the world’s oil reserves, but its consumption has continued to grow steadily. It is this fact, and is a prerequisite for a genuine World War II, which is a continuation and consequence of the Cold War. To destroy the state, competing with the United States for mineral resources, there is little specific military operations, such as those that are trained in Iran or Syria.

Radically solve the problem for the United States may not be the appropriation of resources of individual countries that are subject to military seizure, and irreparable damage to countries-competitors. That is a new world war. It would be naive to think that the U.S. will try to save the current world order. And even more ridiculous to believe that military action be limited to impacts on the economies of the European Union, such as bankruptcy is inevitable in Greece. Planned something more terrible and immoral.

Criminals of the U.S. elite may even go on to use nuclear weapons against civilians, that is to commit the terrorist act “under false flag.” Moreover, the experience of September 11, 2001, they already have. Any such incident will untie the hands of the military, but at the same time do away with all the trappings of a global society like the Internet and free trade. Such a plan is drawn, if we analyze the statements and actions of the U.S. elite in the planning phase of a new world war.