Water Wars: Corporations Begin To Lay Claim To the World’s H20

water_warsBy Jordan Rubin

It’s bad enough that Nestlé former CEO—now Chairman of the Board—Peter Brabeck-Letmathe supports GMO farming, saying that genetically modified (GM) foods are “perfectly safe” and don’t cause any health problems, while also saying that organic farming is “not the best.

But now he’s dipped his toes into the water supply, indicating that the world’s water supply should—and will soon—come under the control of corporations such as Nestlé. He believes that water should be managed by businesses and governing personnel. In short, Brabeck-Letmathe wants water to be controlled, privatized and delegated, monitoring and controlling people’s water use—including amounts and how and where it’s used.

And let’s be honest . . . since Brabeck unwaveringly supports GM farming, you can bet that GM foods would have first priority of water rights, while organic farming would be forced out.

Underlying Brabeck-Letmathe’s premise is his company being one of the largest foodstuff corporations on the planets—over $65 billion in profit each year. He’s also quick to point out that millions of people are dependent on him and his company.

But that’s not enough for him. He also wants to control the global water supply. He understands that one-third of the population could face water shortages within the next 15 to 20 years, and he’d like to be a part of a “water dictatorship.”

Unfortunately, we don’t have to wait 15 to 20 years to see people who lack adequate water. Currently, there are nearly one-third of our world’s population—approximately 900 million people—who don’t have access to clean water. In fact, less than 1 percent of the water on our planet is drinkable untreated.

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