You Can’t Sleep In Your Car For Free Anymore….

r613673_4072484Almost all public lands east of the Mississippi are fenced and charge a camping fee. Yes, you can park “anywhere”, but many areas are now posted with “no camping allowed in this area”.

Even Walmart is shutting down overnight parking in many areas.

Don’t even think about just pulling off the side of the road to sleep over night. You will get a knock on the window from some cop.

Most shopping centers now have “no overnight parking” signs everywhere.

Hey, I’m not a bum or trying to live off the public, but there is public land EVERYWHERE in America and it’s all being closed off.

Everywhere the land is either private and posted, or public and posted, owned by the some government agency (military, state, feds, nasa, etc.).

The time will come when people are all wandering America and are told to “move along” ad find somewhere else to go.. What happens when everyone is almost homeless? Or has no money to pay to sleep? Where is our freedom?