Zimmerman’s Brother Opens Up to TheBlaze: George Was Made Into a ‘Mythological Monster’

robertzimmermanBy Billy Hallowell

George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert, has been extremely vocal since Trayvon Martin’s death. Many times serving as the family’s spokesman, he has taken to social media and appeared on national television programs to defend his younger sibling and to offer his views on the court battle and verdict that have gripped the nation. TheBlaze recently spoke with Robert Zimmerman Jr. to learn more about his brother and how the Zimmerman family has been impacted by the national debate.

Considering George’s acquittal two weeks ago, we first asked how the former defendant is feeling in the aftermath of the case’s conclusion. Robert, 32, explained that, on a grand scale, his brother has been profoundly changed by what has unfolded over the last year and a half. And most notably, he said George isn’t overtaken by the joy one would experience after being cleared of criminal charges.

“I still see sadness in his eyes [and] I still perceive a great measure of uncertainty when I look at him and his expression,” Robert Zimmerman said. “I don’t get the impression that he feels safe.”

As for this sadness, Robert contends that the shooting on Feb. 26, 2012 that killed 17-year-old Martin also left his brother with long-standing effects. He said George holds a “great deal of remorse” over needing to take someone’s life to save his own — a claim that has repeatedly been used in explaining the motive behind the shooting.

“He was definitely not the same person I had seen a few days before the incident,” he said. “I think I would want people to know that they don’t really know George,” Robert said. “I think that George was made into a mythological monster that has nothing to do with the reality of his character.”

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