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Interesting News earthquake

Earthquakes are on the rise and so are natural disasters.. We found out that earthquakes did increase over 60% by using data by USGS and ANSS graphs.. Where will the next big earthquake occur?

Featured News fluoride1

Water Fluoridation Doesn’t Fight Cavities! Neither does it protect our teeth.. In-fact it’s mostly pharmaceutical waste which is turned into this magical drug called Fluoride… There is Fluoride in our toothpaste and there is warnings on the label not to ingest it.. We also know that many foods already have Fluoride in them, ill include the document below.. Here is some undeniable evidence that our government is trying to make us submissive by using this drug in our water supply and other products..

NWO project_bluebeam

Before we get into the conspiracy behind Project Blue Beam, I have some important but…

Conspiracy or Not alexjones

Many of you know about Alex Jones.. He is not what he seems….He covers a lot of different topics on this radio show but most of his theories are “out-there” and rarely shows any evidence… Remember this guy reads news straight from the mainstream media outlets! I mean Alex Jones should know everything that the mainstream media releases is a complete fabrication which is far from the truth… I’m not trying to bash anyone from this post, but I’m just providing you with information which “could” point to Alex Jones being a CoIntelPro.. He could be working to disinform the public or to start a fake “revolution” which could be a planned trap by the New World Order?! William Cooper was one of the only true patriots who actually researched and talked about very important things on his radio show.. (The Hour of Time..) Here are two quick videos which might change your mind about Alex Jones

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