9/11= False Flag Attack

Lets put this debate to an end… September 11, 2001 was the “attack” on the World Trade Centers which changed the world forever. Not for the better, not for safety and definitely not for the citizens.. Many new laws and executive orders had been created since 9/11. Our rights have been stripped and our privacy has been invaded!

George Bush Sr. On September 11th, 1992 spoke to the nation on live TV asking to forge a New World Order. Now George W Bush Jr. Was the president during September 11th 2001. What a weird coincidence?? Now in my other post about how TV and movies predict the future; I included most of the references which “predict ” 9/11 way before it even happened!

Here is a complete list of executive orders that were established after 9/11:

Those were just executive orders that were passed by President Bush. Those don’t account for all the different kinds of laws and regulations that were passed by the federal and state governments, including foreign governments as well. It brought the nation together after the attacks, there was a time where you couldn’t even buy a American flag at the stores and because everyone had one on their car or on their house. The goal was to bring everyone together and make one common enemy and that so happened to be Muslims. (Which the Hijackers were: Claimed by the U.S Government) The sad part of this is, Most of the Hijackers are still alive but how is this possible?

I thought everyone pretty much died in the plane crashes and when the towers fell down due to the fire? Which has never happened in the history of skyscraper fires and plane crashes. The government also claims that they were able to identify most of the victims on the plane.. Now how is that possible? The plane pretty much denigrates from the hot jet fuel but a human body is intact? Same goes for the Hijackers passport which was also found the the WTC wreckage. I guess that was more bullet-proof than the airplanes black box which was melted from the hot fire!! I thought they made those things indestructible so they would know the fault of the plane crash to improve. (BTW: This was the first time for a Black Box to be destroyed in plane crash.)

No It doesn’t stop there! WTC 7 was not even hit by an airplane that day. It just so happened to have a fire at that same day? And that collapsed also? YES! Now the occupants at that building was The Department of Defense (DOD), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the IRS!!! There was a meeting in Washington on September 10, 2001 which Donald Rumsfeld stated that there was $2.3 TRILLION Missing from Pentagon.. Now where the “plane” or missile that crashed into the Pentagon was where all the financial computers/records were stored for the entire DOD. Now of all the corners of that entire building it just so happened to wipe out all the data, employees and every last trail of that “missing” money.. I don’t think so! Everything sounds so PLANNED!

Now the pentagon has a trillion cameras, The place has one every two feet on the entire building. They only released one video which only has a couple clips in it and confiscated all the other buildings security tapes. Why so secretive? I’m sure the Pentagon has incoming threat monitors in-case of attacks like this one and we have NORAD which was told to STAND DOWN that day… That only adds to the greater conspiracy of who, what and why? There was a “war game exercise” that day which was the same exact scenario that was being used on the REAL hijacked planes. Even if NORAD tired to shoot a plane down they could never know which was the real one or fail at reaching the plane in time.

So what do you think? Was it planned? If you think this I think you might have a little common sense. It was the TERRORISTS! Now if you think this you might want to do some research on Google. Everyone can have their own opinion but this world is one messed up place and don’t think the government is going to help you when your in trouble.

I could keep going with all the different facts and lie of the 9/11 Conspiracy. People claim that the plane was a “Military Style” bomber or something with no windows and a Grey body. Now a lot of people say they heard explosions way before the place hit the towers. Many of the witnesses, family and workers have mysteriously died after speaking out or questioning the authority of the government and the 9/11 commission. I posted the witness deaths below. You must watch it if you haven’t already! Scary!

Many interviews have been excluded from the “official” 9/11 commission report and a lot of facts as well. Such as the Molten Metal which was found under the wreckage. What caused this molten metal, Well it couldn’t have been from the jet fuel which doesn’t even get hot enough to melt it like that. “It looked like an Iron Factory” That’s what was said by a NY Firefighter. There has been so some speculation that Thermite was used in order to “raise” the tempeature in order to burn through thick metal beams. Remember don’t always believe what you read in a book..(9/11 Commission Report) Well there are some major flaws with the story and nothing adds up. Many architects and engineers have started a movement to release the truth that it was impossible for the building to collapse without explosives..

And we all know after 9/11 happened, The airports, police departments, governments, mail and everything else got really strict over-night. We had to show our IDs at the airport, we had take our shoes off and be subject to additional screening. Nothing any different than today, with the underwear bomber and the new pat downs and the body scanner machine. You now need an ID to ship products and getting your license is such a hassle. The Terror Warning level and increased surveillance upon the American population.

If they think your a terrorist in today’s society it will ruin your life. They don’t have to read you Miranda Rights or get you a lawyer because your now a asset of the U.S Government. What happened to our Constitution and our rights? Want to get an pilots license? Forget about that, you’ll be marked as a terrorist. Beware of what you say on the internet or on the phone because since ECHELON every communication signal is monitored for threats. We are in a total POLICE STATE since this “false flag” attack. There has been also some knowledge that the cell phone calls made from the plane indeed were “faked” using Voice Morphing Technology. There was no mobile air-phones on that plane that crashed and cell phones don’t work when your at high altitudes. So what did the government kill all the passengers on the plane? We may never know but this more than a conspiracy it’s a well planned disaster that crashed our economy and changed the world for the gain of corporations and the U.S Government!

We all know the government did this is to start a new war against the middle eastern countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, and soon to be Libya. (<------Posted on Mar 21, 2011) After doing some extensive researching online I might have came upon the real reason of invading those countries. Yeah it could have been for oil, power, control but there is possibility a much deeper root. It was said that Iraq had some artifacts dating back to before the human race and our entire story. But the U.S government want's to destroy it because they want to cover-up the alien interaction with humans on earth. I'm not sure how true this is but there is always a possibility.That is all I have to say about this 9/11 conspiracy but it covers a lot of the main important points... I also included another set of good videos, It's from the Zeitgeist series. These videos have all the information that is needed to put together the puzzle. Our government is corrupt and there is really not much we can do but we can choose who we vote in. (Or can we?) 9/11 was a sad event and I wish it never happened but we got to get the truth to this horrible event. Then maybe some could sleep well and the perpetrators could feel guilty. Take some time and watch these videos. Your eyes will open even more than ever! Thanks for reading. And sorry for the losses that occurred that day.

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