Ball lightning rains upon town, hangs in midair: newspaper article from 1947

I came upon this newspaper clipping from a Danish newspaper (Politiken) from May 4, 1947, about an event that took place on May 3 1947:

Here is my translation:

Ball lighting rained upon the citizens of Svaneke.

Fantastic afternoon: Ball lightning around their legs, in and out of houses, up and down the streets.

Yesterday afternoon a thunderstorm haunted Svaneke, a storm that will allways be remembered by those who experienced it.

Even before people became aware of the storm, it rained down lightning and flashes of fire upon the town, being the one pole of an electric experiment.

Lightning strayed down the streets, along the electric poles into peoples houses, and suddenly people discovered they were in dangerous proximity of balls of fire or flashes of fire.

At city bookkeeper Andersen’s there was suddenly discovered a lightning ball in the air space between two men who were talking. The ball of lightning exploded with a violent bang forcing both men to their knees, but none were hurt.

A woman cyclist was crossing the church yard when she was thrown off her bicycle by another lightning ball, and she felt numb for hours thereafter.

The church, which has twice previously been struck by lightning, was struck by a lightning ball, which struck the lightning cunductor on the spire. The cunductor immediately melted, and the spire was splintered. Continues p. 10..