Never Photographed Before: Energy Streams Coming From The Pyramid in Egypt

You have probably never seen a picture like this showing electromagnetic energy from the universe streaming into the top of one of the pyramids. Notice this occurs from the top, sides and if you look close you can see one in the foreground. Actually, the picture we have shows eight (8) different major energy streams, all are connected, feeding into the top of the pyramid. This is one of what the pyramids were designed to do. The picture above is probably the only one of its kind. It is actually a color copy of an original that did not have the energy streams, which mysteriously appeared during the copy and scanning process.

It has been scanned at a higher than normal resolution (dpi) in order to bring out the energy streams, though they can be seen faintly in the copy. We thought perhaps those of you who are interested in pyramids would like to see this unique picture.

Within the Great Pyramid there are exactly 19 chambers, all of which have not been found. The Sphinx was built about the same time and there are hidden chambers under it, one which has just recently been discovered, so it is possible the others will be discovered, perhaps soon.

Let’s look at some of the scientifically known facts about the pyramids, beginning with their location, or position, on the Earth. If we were to look at a flat map of the continents and oceans, we would find that Cheops (or these group of pyramids) are located precisely at the geographical center of the total land surface of the world at approximately thirty degrees north latitude, by thirty degrees east longitude. Further, we would find that the pyramid’s position, relative to true north, is only six seconds of one degree off of today’s exact polar north direction.

According to our sources, which we believe are accurate, the pyramids were built 73,300 years ago. How were they built, you may ask? The simplistic explanation is they were built after the time of Atlantis by Atlantean survivors using sound wave technology and not thousands of laborers as “experts” would have you believe. There is of course more to it than that, but that is for another page.

The following is from a conversation between Billy Meier (see an introductory page in Karinya) and Ptaah of the Pleiadians in answer to a question posed by Billy with excerpts from the conversation at the 256th contact, of 13 May, 1996 (between Billy and the Pleiadians) in which the following was said: Is the Sphinx older than the Pyramids of Gizeh and was the Sphinx once a lion? It is also claimed, that there should exist several chambers and tunnels under the structure. How old was the Sphinx and was it built by Atlantis refugees ? etc.

Billy: I would like to ask you something regarding the pyramids, which may not be found in Egypt only, but all around the world. Asket (from a parallel universe to earth) once told me that these were originally built under the supervision of ETs. In 1956, she declared, that the pyramids were built two times 36,650 years back (or 73,300 years back). Since then 40 years have passed, which means the construction of the pyramids should have taken place 73,340 years back in time. However, our scientists assert something completely different; they place the time of construction much later in time, about several thousand years before the birth of Jmmanuel (Jesus).

Ptaah: I’m familiar with this misconception and incorrect calculation. Counting back from today, the pyramids were indeed built about 73,340 years ago, and not only the ones in Egypt, but all of them around the world. At that time, Earth was positioned at a distance of 152.5 million kilometers from the sun. The pyramids were covered with a thick layer of limestone and mortar and, thus, higher than today. In those days the height of the pyramid of Cheops was 152.5 m; one meter representing 1 million km of the distance between Earth and Sun.

However, in the course of the thousands of years these outer layers have been removed, and additionally parts of the pyramid structures also. On the one hand this happened through erosion, and on the other hand through the people, who used the material for building other structures, etc. The purpose of the pyramids also changed on several occasions through the course of time, and they were finally used as crypts and also as cult temples. Originally, the pyramids that were frequently linked with underground rooms, were built under the the supervision of human beings, who were of extraterrestrial origin. These people came from the star picture of Orion, the reason why the formation of the Egyptian pyramids represent an image of this star picture, while the Sphinx is positioned in direction of the star picture the Leo. The inscribed hieroglyphs and the use of the pyramids as crypts etc. leads back to more recent times of before Jmmanuel (Jesus), which is about 2000-13,000 years back. The underground rooms, which belonged to all the pyramids, reached considerable dimensions and formed underground villages of various sizes, in which the people got to safety from terrestrial danger, or danger threatening from outer space.

The Great Pyramid is constructed of almost two and a half million blocks of stone, each weighing at least two tons, with some stones estimated at over fifty tons. (For comparison, the average weight of an American automobile is approximately two tons.) These massive blocks were cut, moved, and then fitted together with such exactness that a thin blade cannot be inserted between them. The pyramid has a vertical elevation the equivalent of a forty-story skyscraper over four hundred feet. Currently, no capstone exists on the structure, and much debate exists as to whether one ever did exist. The base of this massive monument measures over seven hundred fifty feet on each of its four sides, and covers an area of thirteen acres. (Again, as a comparison, an average city block in New York City covers just under two acres.) The four sides of the pyramid are perfectly oriented towards the cardinal points north, south, east, and west. The base is level with a divergence of less than one inch in its total circumference.

Pyramids all around earth are important points.


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