Mom Sees Ghost Of Son on Nest Security Camera

Last evening, I used to be house alone with my youngest daughter watching a present in my bed room… We began an hour lengthy episode at 11:15pm and at 12:18pm my daughter checked out my cellphone and noticed a notification from our Nest safety system saying “Person Spotted in Entryway” from 11:51pm. When we pulled up the picture that is what we noticed… For everybody who is aware of what my son seems like , they know that this seems identical to him beard and all! When I went to the kitchen the nest digital camera was in flip out mode…I assumed it was damaged, merely an odd evening on the hodge home, to say the least.

We don’t have any clue what to consider all of this however so joyful to have the ability to know my stunning boy is all the time with us! Please share as this provides hope for thus many….

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