Huge haul of mummified animals uncovered at 2,000yo Egyptian tomb

A huge haul of mummified animals and birds have been unearthed at the 2,000-year-old burial site of an Egyptian couple near the ancient city of Akhmim.

The two-chamber tomb is thought to belong to an official called ‘Tutu’ and his wife, whose remains were found incredibly well preserved at the site. The site dates back to the Ptolemaic era and lies in the Sohag province, some 500 kilometers south of Cairo.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, the ancient crypt is in good condition despite the passage of centuries, and it bears beautiful inscriptions and colorful scenes depicting ancient Egyptian deities such as Osiris.

The names of other family members were also found charted on the tomb. The ministry said the tomb and its entrance were discovered while foiling a gang illegally digging in the area, and the site was subsequently handed over to the department for excavation.

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