Mayan Documentary To Warn Humans Of Impending Catastrophe

Mayan writings do not predict the end of the world when the calendar cycle ends in December – but according to the producer of an upcoming documentary about the Central American civilization, they do make the sobering prediction that three-quarters of the earth’s population will be wiped out in the ensuing 15 to 20 years.

And those who live, insisted producer Raul Julia-Levy, will need to quickly colonize outer space, just as he said the Mayans did.

“This is the most critical time in human history, and mankind is going to have to face the music,” said Julia-Levy, the son of the late actor Raul Julia and producer of “Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond.”

In an exclusive interview with TheWrap, Julia-Levy claimed that his privately-financed documentary, which begins production this week in Mexico, will drop a series of bombshells that look to the future and draw connections between the Mayans and extra-terrestrials.

The revelations, he said, will be “every archaeologist’s nightmare.” Julia-Levy said that with the cooperation of the Mexican government, the film will reveal for the first time a chamber inside the Mayan pyramid at Calakmul – which, he added, Mexico has named “the Temple of the Mayan Extra-Terrestrial Inscriptions.”

He also said that the National Mayan Council of Elders of Guatemala will bring together all 650 of its members for a scene in which they will expose their 3,750-year-old sacred books for the first time.
Inside those books, he said, is information about “the beginning of the collapse of the human race,” which will take place during the next two decades.

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