Real-Time Radiation.. It's In America Now!

Below is some great information of the Radioactive Fall-Out From Japan… It’s from this website. It’s already across the United States as we speak. If it keeps leaking the entire world will be toxic from this radioactive material. It’s really upsetting for the citizens in Japan right now! In my other post: Japan is evacuating

A resident from Tokyo posted a video of his current issues with the radiation. The Japanese Government claims that everything is going to be okay. They already have banned people from drinking the water and eating some foods. They are in the process of moving everyone out of the area for protection. Too bad most of the people have been already poisoned with the radiation. They are telling people to cover their doors and windows with sticky tape to keep out the toxins. Like that is going to work?

Our government is lying as well because they are not putting serious warning in effect yet for the Northern Hemisphere. They say that the EPA has put up these radiation detectors for safety but what are we going to do when this fall-out is over the USA and it won’t stop? We need to do something fast, cover Fukushima with tons and tons of cement to stop this leakage of toxic death! Below is some pictures and information from a real-time monitoring system. The radiation is already in the United States! Be Prepared! Get Ready!


Radioactivity of Fukushima 3 days after initiation of the accident








Radioactivity of Fukushima 6 days after the beginning of the accident: cloud reaches U.S.








Radioactivity of Fukushima 9 days after the beginning of the accident: Extremely dilute radioactivity has U.S. on cross-








Radioactivity of Fukushima 12 days after the beginning of the accident: Extremely dilute radioactivity over Europe








Radioactivity of Fukushima 15 days after the beginning of the accident (forecast)