Reasons Why We Haven’t Seen The Hollow Earth Before

Did you know?:

Just to refresh your memory or introduce you to this theory.. Please take the time and read our big article about the hollow earth below

  1. Commercial Air traffic does not fly directly over the poles, because navigation gauges would malfunction and the plane would crash, etc.

  2. Orbiting satellites do not cross the north pole directly.
  3. North/South Pole is blacked out in google maps, as well as google earth.
  4. There have been 2 attempts to use a Russian nuclear powered ice breaker to reach the pole. One expedition is set to happen in 2013 after receiving funding. The other was cancelled after the death of the man who would lead the expedition.
  5. All NASA photographs released claimed to be doctored, in some pictures clouds are seen being “sucked” in to the poles which are then (supposedly) edited in photoshop to show nothing.

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