Sinkhole Cover-Up Continues: Earthquake Monitors Taken Off Line

Human rights defender Senator Fred Mills believes that it appears Assumption Parish’s salt dome sinkhole is becoming another ongoing manmade Lake Peigneur catastrophe, a government supported oil and gas industry genocide through poisoned water, according to his interview Sunday by Deborah Dupré. Mysterious gas bubbles plaguing Bayou Corne sinkhole area are also increasing at Lake Peigneur, 80 miles west of the sinkhole, say Mills and his constituents.

Read this entire story from Human Rights Examiner Deborah Dupre.

For anyone who is not aware of the Lake Peigneur catastrophe, this video gives an excellent and thorough background of what happened back in 1980. Meanwhile, the video at the bottom of the story shares that the cover-up at the sinkhole continues as earthquake monitors in the area have been taken offline. What are they hiding? Is this intentional genocide?