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Before we get into the conspiracy behind Project Blue Beam, I have some important but interesting information about the two…

So after looking online into numerous topics about the Osama Bin Laden Conspiracy and Doing a Post on it yesterday.. He could have died back in December 2001 and of a kidney failure.. This was stated in a Egyptian Newspaper and even talked about his funeral… So I’m not saying he’s alive but who knows what the truth is.. But I know our government loves Photoshopping images and censoring things.. But there could be something way more serious is going on and this Osama Bin Laden “Death” could be a massive diversion to change the focus on the mainstream media outlets and most of the American people..

I don’t know how many times I seen on Facebook and on Youtube about people saying that they are “happy” that they caught Osama.

Chemtrails have been a conspiracy for some time right now… They are REAL! I know for a fact! All you have to do is look in the sky on a clear day… You can see these airplanes that are way higher than commercial planes.. These planes have no markings and they go different ways than what the FAA dictates. So this is some type of military operation because they are spending a lot of money to do these “death dumps..” People also dismiss this theory by saying these Chemtrails are “Contrails” but that is false.. A Contrail is water vapor which DISSIPATES in the sky unlike Chemtrails which stay in the air for a good amount of time… Scientists and the government dismiss that these Chemtrails exist and they tell the public that these are “normal” occurrences from planes..

One of the most well known experiments was the Stanford prison experiment. “They” got a group of people and made some of them prisoners and some of them prison guards. They put them in a completely isolated “jail” with no way out. They claim that they wont get paid any money if they conduct any violence.. There are jail rules and many other things to insure that the prisoners or the guards are not “faking” any part of the experiment. There is a red light which if that comes on the experiment is over and they are told that you wont get paid.. They were only addressed by their “number” had to follow all rules and the guards had to be strict. The scientist conducted interviews prior to this experiment. He took many different types of people and used some as guards and some as prisoners.