What Freedoms Have We Lost ?

Our government has taken away more freedoms than anyone could count.. Everyday we lose a a little bit of freedom and the list is so large it’s frighting… Below I’m going to include some things that I noticed over the years!

Well first off; The only way you have complete freedom is when you are a sovereign citizen..Soon as you get your birth certificate you ‘waive your rights’ and be become a part of the US Corporation…

You don’t own property in the U.S; you are only renting from the government… If you don’t pay your taxes the government takes away your house!

Now when you sell a car; no matter how many times everyone has to pay the same taxes.. Eventually the taxes will exceed the value of the car!

You need permits to do anything on your OWN land…. Now if you were the true owner; you could do what ever you please! Some towns have a land board which approves all structures, fences, poles and everything else which is ‘added on’.

Now they have ‘code officers’ which enforce laws against you and your property. If you don’t cut your grass they fine you, if you have things laying out in your yard (equipment, old cars, or whatever someone wants to complain about) or if you don’t keep up with household standards! It’s crazy but meanwhile schools, roads and everything is falling apart around us….

You use to be able to collect rainwater to feed to the animals or your garden but that’s now illegal according to our government!
They are claiming that someone owns the rainwater… Forget about saving water and the planet! I’m sure that water is contaminated with all types of chemicals from the Chemtrails that are sprayed daily!

Going ‘green’ is great but it’s hard when the government claims that animal droppings and compost is a hazardous material.Now all of that stuff has to be hauled to a ‘control center’ for cleaning but instead we have to use chemically produced fertilizer which is toxic and is used by terrorists… It’s just like recently the EPA raised the levels for safe radiation exposure..Now they did it right in time for the disaster in Japan..

Now the medical field is crazy; they want to implant a tinny microchip in your body to identify you with your unique information. This would include your SSN, Medical Information, and anything that will link you to the government system.. Just wait till Obama-Care becomes reality you will have serious problems with people getting help, way more than now.. Hospital visits would become much more expensive but the pay of these positions would drop considerably.. We are already in tons of debt what makes you think that this program won’t use any money?! If it doesn’t help anyone and make people pay lots of money for crappy care..And kill people that are sick?

You use to be able to have your own ‘fresh eggs’ and trade milk with your neighbors or at farmer markets. Now owning a chicken is illegal in many states and forget about sells or receiving milk for ‘private parties’ lots of paperwork, inspections And forget about nonpasturized milk! They recently charged a group of Amish farmers with felonys for selling this ‘pure milk’ but what’s the big deal?!

Everything has to be registered with the government even that old beat up pickup truck that never leaves the farm…Everything has to be insured these days but they never fix anything when something really happens!

Now can you tear down trees within your yard? What about planting trees and a family garden? Well the government wants you to have GMO’s and toxic chemicals and be subject to a food crisis when it happens! In most towns you need a permit from the county to remove a tree and most towns only have designated sections for planting of new ‘approved’ plants..

Now in certain districts in towns such as Historical sites; the town decides that color of your house and remodels might not be approved in those areas! How can our local and federal government dictate what we can’t and can do!!! Just replacing a lightbulb needs a licensed electrician because you could be cited for a unlawful work contract.

Forget about selling cookies or Lemonaid which everyone use to do as kids.. Now you have to get a permit to sell anything or be subject to fines by an officer.. How is a little kid going to get all this documentation? Forget about the cleasyness of restaurants who knows how good they check them.. You ever watch that show Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey?

Are you working for some dick-head boss? Are you bad mouthing him because a bad day at work? Well you could be charged with a conspiracy to commit a crime which means you are getting arrested because you ‘might’ do something…How is that a crime?! They twisted the meaning of the word ‘terrorist’ to pretty much anyone who doesn’t agree with the government or anyone who wants the truth..

Our Military and Police force are not acting like they should! They should be helping us but.they are putting us in prison, giving us tickets and not catching the bad-guys! Did you know that America has the most people in prison and they are owned by a private corporation. The more people in jail, the more money you make! Our rights are no longer due to the patriot act and every other unconstitutional law that has been passed by our corrupt government. Where does it stop!? We are not their servants, they are our public slaves…

Big brother is watching! Either through your phone calls, emails, and other communications through ECHELON.. They are tracking people by their cars, cell phones or anything else… They don’t need any warrants anymore! Come into your home, search your car, fly drones over your house and spy on you with no evidence that links you to any organization or crime.. The TSA is out of control especially with the Body Scanners.. soon they will be at all malls, sporting games, on the road? And on the train-tracks.. Now you need an ID to ship items, buy tickets, enter event and even to ride the bus? What law does it state where it’s a requirement to have a form of identification? Is that the new sign of the ‘smart ID’ which has a RFID tag inside of it..

Do movies predict our reality or the future? Today is much worse than 1984, because no matter where you are the government will find you in today’s society! I wrote a post about this called TV and Movies Predict The Future. Our government has all of this planned out like a little game.. If it’s too crazy too believe; it was planned to be that way. To create much chaos as possible because once everyone becomes scared, it’s much easier to gain control over a large amount of people.. A false flag event would be great to use the FEMA camps against vulnerable citizens thinking that the government will help them! People need to realize that this world is not getting any better; no one cares about you besides your family.. So spend much time as possible with loved ones, life is too short to be scared you just have to be strong and join the resistance.. Remember a well informed society is key to bringing down a corrupt government! “The greatest slave is one who believes, he is free…”